Natural medicine products monitored, Christmas concert, Minimum wage increase debated, Holiday garbage schedule, San Francisco Plaza update

Dec 21, 2018

Viernes, 21/12/2018

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Concierto – There will be a Christmas concert el domingo a las 11:00 in the Catedral Vieja with the “Coro de los niños de los Caballeros de la Virgen.” At 12:00 there will be a concert for the brothers of the congregation.

Danza – The Academia Profesional de Danza Tersícore will present two special dance shows Saturday a las 17:00 and 19:30 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” in the CCE. There will be ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, Arabian, tribal fusion and more on the program. Cost: $3.00. <The audience will probably be friends and families of the dancers.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Monitorean calidad de medicina natural (Quality of natural medicine monitered.) Natural products as well as medicines need to have their sanitary registration from the Agencia Nacional de Regulación, Control y Vigilancia Sanitaria (ARCSA). <If you couldn’t translate that for yourself, my sympathies.> TV is full of ads for natural medicines to lose weight and to improve sexual performance. <These must be universal worries.> ARCSA has reviewed 270 ads, and 30 are under investigation to see if they are “engañosa” (deceptive – your word for the day) or not. ARCSA categorizes medicines that can be sold either “over the counter” or by prescription. The over the counter medicines can be advertised, but have to have clinical studies to show that they’re not toxic to the consumer. <That’s a pretty low baseline for efficacy – at least don’t poison the buyer.>

San Francisco Plaza – The vendors at the SF Plaza will return from their temporary location at PRAC (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac) the first week in enero. The vendors were originally scheduled to return to the Plaza in early December but the move has been postponed three times.

SBU increase – The government has until 31/12 to announce the increase in the Salario Básico Unificado. Workers and employers were unable to come to an agreement, with workers wanting a $40 increase which they reduced to $25.00. Employers representatives wanted to hold it to $4.00.

Presidential vacation – Pres. Moreno will fly to Spain for a family vacation until 2/1/2019. He will be flying commercial to be with family which includes the birth of a new grandchild. <But I bet he goes first class – just from a logistics standpoint. Can’t be easy to get someone who needs a wheelchair down to seat 32F.>

Importation of Nafta Ron – Petroecuador is importing Nafta Ron 87 which it will use in its gasoline mixes. The American firm Lukoil Pan Americas LLC underbid 41 competitors by over $5/barrel. <Is Nafta Ron actually rum? If it is and if it’s going into the gas tank, that doesn’t say much about it’s drinkability. Must be something different.>

Garbage collection – Garbage collection will continue on the regular days during the holidays.

Descuentos y compras –

<Too many to translate. The only way you can’t find a sale is if you don’t leave the house.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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