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New Correa Facebook ‘fan page’ taken down

Less than two months after Facebook administrators removed former president Rafael Correa’s “fan page” from its platform, a new page has been removed. Administrators cited the same “international political persecution” rules violation that prompted the April 11 removal. The new page lasted less than 24 hours before being taken down Friday morning.

Former president Rafael Correa

“We have long had a policy that prohibits the creation of new pages, groups, events or accounts similar to others that we have already eliminated for violating our community guidelines,” Facebook said in response to questions, refusing to give details. Correa’s original fan page included personal contact information about what he called “enemies of the Citizens Revolution,” a violation of Facebook rules for protecting the privacy of individuals.

On his Twitter account, Correa attacked Facebook’s decision, calling it a violation of his human rights. “These people talk about freedom of expression yet they rob me of the right to express myself. They rob a million and a half people of their right to follow me.”

4 thoughts on “New Correa Facebook ‘fan page’ taken down

  1. Correa should STFU and start a WordPress blog on a private server where he and his supporters can espouse their hate freely.

  2. Although I am completely against censorship in all its forms, there is almost nothing funnier and more deliciously ironic than watching Correa, a sociopath who censored (nay, persecuted & prosecuted!) anyone and everyone whom he didn’t like … twisting and squirming under the full weight of it being applied to him. Karma, it seems, is not without a sense of humour.

    1. Well said. I couldn’t have said it any better. I got one heck of a good chuckle out of your comment because those were my thoughts exactly. “Deliciously ironic” I love it. LOL It was almost like you were reading my mind.

  3. Breaking news:

    Cuenca expats can now resume their support for their favorite despot at the alternative Facebook site It is a Russian site, not surprisingly.

    Also, this Saturday, you can watch his speech on the Facebook page of ”
    Movimiento Revolución Ciudadana Bélgica”. Break out your Che Gueverra T-shirts, have a piece of apple pie made by __________, and enjoy watching it at ________________ (an undisclosed location).

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