New funding will allow completion of wind power generation project south of Cuenca

Feb 27, 2019

The government has released $55 million to complete the long-delayed Minas De Huascachaca wind project in southern Azuay Province.

Once completed, the Minas De Huascachaca wind farm will be the largest in Ecuador.

The project, located on the Jubones River just north of Loja Province, began construction in 2009 but stalled four years ago due to lack of funding. According to Carlos Julio Jaramilllo, manager of Ecuador’s Development Bank, the original financing of $12 million was intended to be followed by other allocations that were delayed by budgetary constraints.

“We are pleased that the project will soon be underway again and we expect it to begin generating electricity for the national power grid in 2020,” he said.

Managed by the public electric company Elecaustro using European wind generation technology, the wind park is expected to generate 50 megawatts of power. Once completed, the park will be the largest in Ecuador.

Funding to finish the wind park is part of $65 million released Tuesday by the development bank for infrastructure projects in Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago Provinces. In addition to power generation, most of the funding is earmarked for water and sanitary sewer projects.

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