New mayor and prefect take office, Grafitti and murals, Guitar festival, Nine die in bus accident, African-Colombian dance workshop

May 13, 2019

Lunes, 13/5/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Taller de Danza – This 3 day dance workshop on Afro-Colombian dance will be hoy, miércoles y el viernes from 15-18:00.

Exposición – Enrique Dávila Cobos will open “Crónicas Alquimistas,” a show of oils on canvas el miércoles a las 19:00 inn the Museo de Arte Moderno.

IX Festival de Guitarras – This guitar festival will have an exposition of stringed instruments, a guitar contest, master classes, tourist routes, concerts, and workshops. The festival started Monday in the lobby of the CCE with the opening of the Expo Guitarras. There will be concerts el jueves y viernes. El sábado las 19:30, there will be a concert by Eduardo Fernández. <I’m sure they have an on-line presence you can find – even if you might not understand it.> The route to San Bartolomé will el domingo.

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Allpa Fest (Fiesta de la Tierra – Earth Festival) – This event is to raise awareness about the environment, with conferences and workshops on integral health and spirituality, meditation and stress management, painting mandalas, well-being and rejuvenation, psychomagic, sacred geometry and puppetmaking. It will be held from 29/5 – 2/6 at CIDAP. <Your friends in Vilcabamba will want to come and visit you.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Retos marcan relevo de autoridades (Challenges mark changeover of authorities) – Starting tomorrow, new elected officials take office. In Cuenca, for Mayor Elect Pedro Palacios, the Tranvía is a major challenge; and for new prefect Yaku Pérez Guartambel, it’s a referendum against mining. Pérez also needs to factor in the economic situation which could limit his ability to fulfill his campaign promises. Officials in Cañar are fixing their attention on sanitation infrastructure, increasing coverage for potable water and sewer, roadways, and tourism.

The swearing-in ceremony for Palacios will be Tuesday a las 18:30 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Those attending the 45 minute ceremony will be mostly family, relatives, and regional authorities. El 15/5 a las 9:00, there will be a mass in the Catedral Vieja. Pérez will be “sworn in” at a mysical Andean ceremony attended by members of the cañari, puruháes, and sarayaku peoples among others. <And some scattered, curious gringos?> The ceremony will be Tuesday a las 6:00 in Pumapungo and will finish at mid-day with a pampa mesa. <Or a few hungry gringos?>

La Casa de la Lira – The restoration of the historic home on El Vado is now 96% complete after 33 months of construction at a cost of $1,097,230. There were some historic finds such as murals and art as well as channels and wells at the back of the house that were linked to the barranco dating back to the Colonial era. <I wonder if wastewater was thrown into those channels which dumped into the Tomebamba. Sanitation was different back then.> Republican era floors encrusted with stones were also found.

Inmate killed – An inmate at the Centro de Rehabilitación Social Turi (jail) was killed in a fight in the maximum security pavilion. One of the group of aggressors was killed when he was hit with a tear gas bomb. The inmate who was attacked received at least 20 stab wounds. The incident was recorded by another inmate. <So even in jail everyone is on their cell phone ready to record history?>

Bus accident – 9 people were killed and 32 injured after a Pullman Carchi bus going to Quito overturned on E35 in Bolívar cantón, Carchi.

Grafitti and murals – Owners of non-historic property can give permission to artists to paint their walls. If the property is patrimonial or in the historic center, the owner has to get permission from the Dirección de Áreas Históricas y Patrimoniales. If your property gets tagged, you can report it to the Control Urbano del Municipio to get restitution from the responsible party. If you don’t know who it was, you can get a minor construction permit costing $10 to repaint the wall at <Insult to injury – first you get your wall defaced and then have to go get a permit to get it un-defaced.>

Descuentos y compras –

Maxximundo vehículos – Taxis and school buses and transporte mixtos, oh my – <Just in case you think you know the lay of the land, and feel ready to drive professionally> – Voleex C230 taxi from $15,990, King Long school van from $29,990, Wingle5 pick-up from $19,990 – Av. España y Nuñez de Bonilla.

Dongfeng – AX7 automatic SUV from $23,990 – Cuencauto, Chapetones y Av. España.

Chery – Tiggo2 SUV from $17,990 -Cuencauto, Chapetones y Av. España.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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