New prefect opposes San Joaquin hydro plant, Children’s chorus raises money for Brussels competition, State funeral for Julio Trujillo

May 20, 2019 | 2 comments

Lunes, 20/5/2019

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Olimpiadas Corales – The children’s chorus of the Conservatory is giving concerts with popular themes to raise money for all the chorus members to go to the World Choir Games in Belgium in 2020. They won a bronze medal in 2014 and gold and silver in 2018. The first concert, “Lo mejor del ayer y lo nuestro” (The best of yesterday and ours) will be el 29 & 30/5 a las 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. Tickets at Café Musk’i (Paseo Tres de Noviembre) and the Librería Palier in the CCE. Cost $10.00.

Exposición – “Cosmografías” will open el miércoles, 22/5 a las 19:00 in the Casa de Chaguarchimbana. The show will exhibit the work of students at the CEDFI school.p

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Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez opposes hydroelectric plant west of Cuenca.

Titular – Funeral de Estado para Julio C. Trujillo (State Funeral for Julio C. Trujillo)

New controversy – Pefecto Yaku Pérez is explicitly opposing the new Soldados-Yanuncay hydroelectric project in the watershed of the río Yanuncay. The site is in San Joaquin parish and includes a 42 m. high earth dam with a capacity of 21 million cubic meters. There will be two plants generating 7 & 15 megawatts which will be transmitted to the Turi substations and from there to the whole country.

For Pérez, the area is a sensitive natural area that should be preserved in its natural state. A civil engineer explained that project would reduce risks of flooding in Barabón, Misicata and av. Primero de Mayo. The reservoir would lower the ambient temperature and cause variations in climatic conditions, but would not present a risk to people living in the sector. <Anytime I hear that there will be climatic changes, but no risk to the neighbors, I get suspicious.>

Certificados provisionales de votación – The CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral) will issue provisional voting certificates until julio. If you didn’t vote or lost your certificate, go to the window to start the paperwork. The fine for not voting is about $39.00. In 120 days you can pick up the document. You can present your reasons for not being fined at the Junta Provincial Electoral (JPE). <All you old geezers over 65 can relax – voting is optional for us and other non-citizens.>

Perú – A new law on single use plastics will go into effect in Perú in junio. Starting in agosto, stores will have to charge their customers for single use plastic bags. This will start at .10 soles (3¢) and rise to .50 soles (15¢) in 2023. <So how about gringos getting a jump on this trend and start using reusable bags from now on. That includes backpacks. Gringos’ backpacks are like Hermione’s magic bag, or the clown car in the circus: capable of holding much more than you’d believe possible.)

Inmate deaths – Two more inmates were killed in the same week the government declared a state of emergency in the prisons. The deaths were in the Centro de Rehabilitación Social de Varones (Men) de Guayaquil and caused by gunshot to the head in one case, and stabbing in the other. <No, you don’t want to go to jail here.>

Property titles – 700 property titles were given to small and medium agricultural and livestock producers in Cañar.

Descuentos y compras –

Apartments – Last 2 in the Edificio Arvoredo – av. Isabel la Católica y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal (across from the Artesa factory) – 2 & 3 BR, Terrace, shaded balconies, covered parking, storage, green spaces, social (common?) areas.

Chery – Tiggo 3 & 5 from $17,990 – Cuencauto – Chapetones y av. España.

Dongfeng – AX4 from $19,990 – Cuencauto – Chapetones y av. España.

Soueast – DX7 from $26,490 & DX3 from $21,490 – av. de las Américas 15-58 & av. España 2-69.

<Everybody loves those SUV’s.>

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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