New readers and new voices at CuencaHighLife

May 5, 2019

CuencaHighLife is growing and it’s not just our readership numbers that are up.

Regular readers will note some new voices on our website. Cynthia Mills is a wonderful addition to our team. She will be providing commentary on Cuenca’s world-famous architecture as well as reporting on local non-profit organizations. World traveler Ron Gompertz has been checking in weekly from parts known and unknown, while Beau and Alice Chaummers, who recently returned from a two-year sojourn in Colombia, are back contributing once again to CHL on social media, online etiquette and the local gossip mill. Each of the new contributors adds fresh perspective and insight into our rapidly changing community.

In addition, our “old standards” remain onboard. Jeanne Chiang will continue to provide translations from El Mercurio, Brian Hitsky will report on people making a difference in Cuenca, Michael Soares will write about whatever strikes his fancy, Sara Coppler will update you on events, Brian Buckner will spin yarns accompanied by award-winning photography and Louis Bourgeios will offer perspectives on what matters most in our lives. And, of course, the bountiful Susan Burke March will continue to cover the nutrition and healthy living landscape while Jackie and Markku Sario will keep us up to date on their latest recipes.

Another new feature is developing the CHL Facebook page to include photos from our archive and staff interviews. This will be up by the end of the month.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks.

It’s a beautiful day.


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