New service allows visa applications and appointments to be made online

Feb 1, 2019

Beginning this week, Ecuador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is allowing foreigners to make visa applications and appointments online. The government says the new service will save $500,000 annually and reduce the waiting time for permanent and temporary visa applicants.

According to immigration officials, the new service will allow faster communication between applicants and the government and allow information to be verified online.

To use the new service, applicants must have an email address.

The website for the new service is

According to Cuenca visa expert Maite Duran, visa applicants using the new system must do the following to use the new system:

  1. Enter your personal information (Gestión de Citas).
    2. Enter the verification code sent to the email you registered.
    3. Select your city of residency.
    4. Select category and type of process.
    5. Verify the requirements and confirm the information entered.
    6. Select the day and time for your appointment. (The appointments are available from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm.)
    7. After choosing the appointment, select “accept”.
    8. It is optional to print the appointment confirmation, it can also be sent to your email.
    9. Click on “finalizar”

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