New tram lights in Centro, Silk production, Organic produce sales, Walk in the Andes, Venezuelan refugee emergency continues

Sep 30, 2018


Hola, Todos –

There will be no Periodicos starting Wed., Oct. 3 for about a month due to travel. Return date of the Periodicos will depend on jet lag.

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Batucadas y bandas – There will be a Festival Juvenil of batucada (a subset of samba) and “bandas de paz” (like your high school marching band) on viernes, 5/10 a las 18:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Homenajes – There will be a week of tributes to the poet César Dávila Andrade with the first event el martes próximo a las 11:00 in the auditorium of the Abraham Lincoln center. The second will be a poetry recital el miércoles, 3/10 a las 19:0 in the Salón del Pueblo. On the 5th a las 10:00 there will be celebration in the Plaza César Dávila.

New lighting for the tram is being installed in the historic district.

Danza – “Invierno: diez formas de sentir frío” (Winter: ten ways to feel cold) will return to the stage hoy a las 20:00 in the Museo Pumapungo as part of the Escenarios del Mundo (Stages of the World).

Muestra – Cuencanan artist Janeth Méndez will open an exhibit el 4/10 a las 19:00 in “Saladentro.”

Taller – There will be a theater workshop for children el l8/10 at AtrapaSueños.

Dibujo – There will be a cycle of drawing workshops starting 3/10 from 15-18:00 at Lakomuna (Pres. Córdova y Coronel Tálbot – on the stairs at El Otorongo.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Walk in Molleturo – There will be a walk of 7 km along section 10 of the Camino de García Moreno in the the Hierbabuena-Aguarica sector of Molleturo Parish mañana (domingo). You will see landscapes, ecology, and birds along a paved road. The meeting place will be at the Terminal Sur (Feria Libre) on Occitrans. Cost: $15.00, children under 12, $7.50. <Another instance of don’t bother me with questions. No time was given.>

Fiesta del Señor de los Milagros – The parish of Nulti is inviting the public to the festivities in honor of its paton saint. The fiesta started Saturday and continues through lunes. On domingo, communion will be offered from 7-11:00, there will be a traditional escaramuza (skirmish) at 12:00, a serenade to the Señor de los Milagros at 15:00, and a show with the Quinta Dimensión (5th Dimension) <a little bit of name borrowing?> at 15:30. On lunes, there will be communions from 7-14:00, and a juego de escaramuza at 13:00.

Caminata tradicional – The Eco-turística Religiosa Padre Albineo del Curto Walk is being planned for the 15-17 de noviembre. The walk will go from the canton of Sevilla de Oro in Azuay to the Copal Parish in the canton of Santiago de Méndez in Morona Santiago.

Silk production – There has been a project to produce silk in Ecuador that has been going on for 14 years. <First you have to grow your mulberry trees.> The best climates are hot and humid so growing the silkworms in the Andes is slower and doesn’t produce the best silk. Worms are grown in Yanzatza, Zamora Chinchipe; La Pallatanga, Chimborazo; and Santa Rosa near Santo Domingo. The worms are a hybrid of Chinese and Japanese worms and are producing a high quality silk with the advantage that they can be harvested twice a year as opposed to only once in Asian and European countries. <So in addition to fine coffee, chocolate and flowers, Ecuador can start adding silk as a luxury export.> Silk producers are also working with local, natural dyes such as nogal, capulí, avocado, mulberry, eucalyptus and chilcha.

New license plates – New license plates were delivered to tourist transport companies. They are completely green and will replace the white plates with the orange stripe across the top. <I never paid attention or noticed those plates. It’ll make it easier for police to catch the informal drivers. A van full of blue-eyed blondes pointing cameras out the windows, an Ecuadorian driver and no green plates would be pretty obvious.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Nuevas luminarias en ruta tranviaria (New lights on tram route) – New 35 watt LED lights with the latest technology have been installed on Gran Colombia along the Tranvía route by Empresa Eléctrica REgional Centro Sur. The cost of lighting the entire route will be $3,295,121. The trains were also tested last night between the Patio Taller and Control Sur. The test was to verify sufficient ground clearance between the train and the stop platforms.

Estado de emergencia – The viceministro of the Movilidad Humana de Ecuador announced an extension of the state of emergency for 3 northern provinces due to the high flow of immigration from Venezuela. This migration was discussed at a meeting in Quito. Also discussed was the installation of a security desk with a focus on human rights, and applying an electronic visa system. <Like the visa I recently got in 10 minutes (most people could do it in 3, as the site said, but I’m a tecno-idiota.)>

Organic produce – There are 200 small producers of organic products in the Asociación de Productores Agroecológicos whose products are certified by Agrocalidad. They sell every day at the 12 de Abril and 27 de Febrero markets, on Sat., & Sun. at Biocentro (calle Rodrigo de Triana) and the feria de Miraflores, and on Wed. at the Centro Agrícola Cantonal. The 40 growers at the mercado 12 de Abril are temporarily at the back part of the basement where the parking lot will be. Growers come from various rural parishes of Cuenca such as Octavio Cordero Palacios, Sinincay, Turi, El Valle and the canton of Sígsig.

Deportes –

Andes Rider Challenge 2018 – 256 motorcyclists on big bikes left the Mall del Río this morning for either a 1,000 km or 500 km. ride that will cover the coast, Sierra and Amazonía with elevations from 0 to 5,000 m. above sea level. The finish point will also be the Mall del Río. This is not a race but a personal <and mechanical?> challenge. <It was probably pretty noisy.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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