New water treatment plant, Allegations against VP, Cuenca craft beer wins gold, Respect the bus lanes, Movies, hip hop and theater

Nov 29, 2018

Miércoles, 28/11/2018

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
Pagina cultural –

Cinema Museo – The Cinema Museo which is every jueves at the Casa Museo Remigio Crespo will show “Ex-Isto” Thursday a las 19:00. The Brazilian film was inspired by “Catatau,” a work by Pablo Leminski who asked “What if René Descartes had come to Brazil with Mauricio de Nassau?” <I have no idea what he’s asking nor who is Mauricio de Nassau?>

Festival Inclusivo – The Segundo Festival Inclusive de Artes <all cognates all yours> will be from 3-7/12 at various venues including the Parque Calderón, Sucre and Pumapungo theaters and others. It will include animated short films, hip-hop, and theater.

Ad – Festival de Música produced by the Club Rotario Tomebamba – 29/11 a las 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – tickets at Papelería Monsalvo (Redondel Del Estadio) y Kao Sport (Mall del Río) – cost: $20.00 – featuring Quinteto Polifónico de la ciudad de Cuenca, Gabriel y Juan Manuel Ochoa, las Cigarras and Quinteto del Recuerdo.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Los “dieszmos” acechan a Vicuña (The “tithes” stalk Vicuña) <2 new words for the day and that’s just the headline> – TV station Teleamazonas alleges that when Vice President María Alejandra Vicuña was an asambleísta, she arranged to have one of her consultants make monthly deposits into her personal bank accounts. She accused the consultant of forging charges for not naming him governor of Morona Santiago or the provincial director of IESS. <Let the mud slinging begin.>

Waste water treatment plant – ETAPA is looking for $70 million in financing for a new plant in Huangarcucho, close to the Jadán bridge and 8 km from the current plant in Ucubamba which is close to capacity. The contract award is expected in enero. The plant would take the extra flow from Ucubamba and flow generated downstream and from Nulti and Challuabamba. The potable water treatment plant in Tixán is being enlarged and will be the largest plant in the country with a capacity of 2.7490 liters (sic) per second. <Looks like a misplaced decimal point, but I have no idea where it should be, not knowing water plant capacities.> The current plant can operate until mid 2020 with infrastructure maintenance and dredging accumulated mud <mud or people manure?> off the bottom. The alternate is that the plant could collapse. <Wouldn’t want to be living in Challuabamba if that happened.>

Food handling – 160 workers from the Mall del Río, Monay Shopping, Batán Shopping and Racar Plaza received training in correct food handling from the Agencia Nacional de Regulación, Control y Vigilancia Sanitaria (ARCSA) yesterday. <So all you gringos with delicate stomachs can now eat safely at the malls. You can still make unhealthy meal choices, though.>

International – US – President Trump has a “Plan B” in case Congress doesn’t approve the $5 billion he’s asked for to build a wall. It’s going to be fences, alambre de púas (barbed wire) and troops. <I wonder how many billions that’s going to cost if a toilet seat costs the Pentagon $10,000?>

Jaguars – The Bioparque Amaru will inaugurate la Selva de Arutum, a space for rescued jaguars Thursday a las 10:00. A pair of jaguars was brought from Macas in 2017, and the zoo has been in charge of their rehabilitation since then.

Bus lanes – EMOV is asking drivers to respect bus only lanes. You could be fined 20% of the basic salary for invading the bus lane. <And if your Spanish is so bad you had to pay someone to take the written test for you, the bus lanes are marked Solo Buses.>

Beer – <Did I just get a Pavlovian reaction from all you drinkers?> Cuencana artesanal beer, “Latitud Cero Concordia” won a gold medal at the “Copa Cervezas de América in the Amargo Pálida Europea (Pale Bitter European) category. General Manager José David Moscoso says the difference between his beer and others is that Latitud Cero uses only barley malt and not malted rice, corn or syrups to lower costs.

Deportes –

Dakar Rally – The hardest rally in the world will be in Perú in 2019 – the first time the race has been contained in only one country. It will be run from 7-17/1/2019 across a landscape that is 70% sand and dunes. The route start in Lima and go through Pisco, San Juan de Marcona, Moquegua, Arequipa and Tacna. Drivers from 61 countries will be competing on 167 motos and quads, 126 autos, and 41 trucks. <What can I tell you – I like cars.>

Descuentos y compras –

Gout – Garage sale – special discounts on all merchandise – 1/12 – 10-19:00 – decoration furniture, lighting, accessories – Av Manuel J Calle y Av. Paucarbamba.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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