October symphony schedule, Cable cars over the Cajas, Basket weaving workshop, San Fran Plaza update, Expansion plans for Pan Am Sur

Sep 25, 2018

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Teatro – As part of the “XII Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas Escenarios del Mundo” (XII International Festival of Performing Arts, Stages of the World), Weros Teatro will present “De Miguel a Cervantes” on domingo, 30/9 a la 11:30 in the Parque de la Madre.

OSC – The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra has a full schedule of concerts in octubre.
jueves, 4/10 a las 20:00 – Children’s chorus and woodwinds in Iglesia San Blas.
viernes, 5/10 a las 20:00 – string concert with violinist Alina Komissarowa and Vivaldi and Piazzola’s 4 Seasons – Catedral Vieja.
sábado, 6 a las 12:00 – Grupo de Metales (brass?) – Iglesia de la Merced.
7th @11:00 – flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon – Iglesia de la Merced.
7th @ 11:00 – Childrens’ Choir, woodwind soloists – Catedral Vieja.
7th @ 13:00 – symphony with violinist Alina Komissarowa and Vivaldi &
Piazzola’s 4 Seasons – Octavio Cordero parish.
10th @20:00, 11th and 12th @ 11:00 & 20:00 – an homage to César Dávila
Andrade with the full symphony – Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.
More concerts on the 18, 19 and 24.
Cost: Free.

Basketry – A crafts fair of basket weaving of Chordeleg will be at the Galería de Oficios a the CCE until 30/9. The exhibit contains the work of about 30 weavers with hats, utilitarian and decorative items such as bread boxes, lamps, table mats, sewing kits and jewelry.

Workshops – The Alianza Francesa is offering free workshops in theater on los lunes from 20:30-21:30 and music on los miércoles from 20:30-21:30.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Fashionart – The 4th edition of this art, gastronomic, design, and decoration event will be held during the ferias on 2,3,&4 noviembre with 120 exhibitors from Guayaquil, Quito, Ambato, Machala, Loja and Portoviejo has well has Cuenca. There will be fashion for the family, home decor, jewelry, personal care items and more.

Tarabita (I’ve forgotten what it is in English) – The owners of the Balcón del Río restaurant at km. 48 on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme have installed a 350 meter long tarabita. The open cable car takes you over the river and ravine to an observation platform. The ride cost $4 for adults, and $2 for kids. Hours are from 8-16:00. <I’m thinking this not for the acrophobic.>

Festival Pakariñán – This festival, “Saberes del Austro” (Knowledge of the South), will be held from today through domingo. The Gobernación del Azuay had an agricultural fair today and will have a photo exhibit tomorrow. Activities in the Casa de las Posadas will include a Kichwa workshop and a talk on andean gastronomy tomorrow a las 16:00. On miércoles a las 16:00, there will be a paja toquilla (the kind of straw “Panama” hats are made from) weaving workshop and a talk on ancestral medicine. <Those of you who don’t speak Spanish will need your interpreter. Doesn’t hearing about these cool events make you want to get your butt to Spanish class?> On jueves a las 16:00 there will be a workshop on beaded jewelry and a talk about community tourism. These workshops and talks will continue on viernes. The Fiesta Pakariñán will be el sábado desde (from) 10:00 in the parque de San Sebastión.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Intercambio de semillas, ritual que sigue vivo (Seed exchange, ritual that is still alive). There were two seed exchanges yesterday, one in the parque De La Madre and the other in Tarqui. This ancestral ritual continues in the South and gives thanks to Pachamama (Madre Tierra – Mother Earth) for permitting the cultivation of the products. These exchanges started when the society was a cashless one. The Red Agroecológica which organized the event sent a message to parents about the necesity of feeding their kids with grain derived foods and ditching “comida chatarra” (junk food). <So did any gringos bring their cannabis seeds to exchange?>

Baños – The GAD Parroquial (Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados – Decentralized Autonomous Governments) of Baños <the one up the hill from Cuenca> organized a fair yesterday. The parish is known for its empanadas de viento (wind empanadas), named for the filling. <Which is mostly air – the cheese is a thin layer stuck to the inside of the crust. If you haven’t tried these delicious bits of sweet crunchiness, what are you waiting for?> Extra large empanadas were served at the fair as well as quimbolitos and chiviles.

Reventador – The volcano, 90 km from Quito, erupted, sending gas and ash 900 m. above the rim of the crater towards the west and north.

Street signs and house numbers – The City of Cuenca through the Dirección de Avalúos y Catástros, is rolling out a project to change and reposition 4,400 street signs and 4,237 house numbers starting in diciembre in Totoracocha. <Maybe we can stop giving directions by landmarks now and use street names instead. Or maybe not if you don’t live in Totoracocha.>

San Francisco Plaza – The plaza has been remodeled and will be ready to use, possibly on 1/12. <“Possibly” means don’t hold your breath for that date.> The plaza will have the vendors as well as artistic, cultural, gastonomic, and crafts events.

Noticias de ayer (yesterday’s news) –

Titular – Tránsito “asfixia” Pana Sur (Traffic “asphyxiates” Pana Sur) – MTOP is anticipates completing studies for a new 4 lane road to Cuenca from the south next year. The vía Cuenca-Girón-Pasaje has a daily average of 5,379 vehicles. The current road is only 20 m. wide. <And if you’ve been on it you know how congested it can get, especially if you’re trying to get back to Cuenca at the end of a weekend. As bad as trying to get out of Manhattan on a Friday afternoon.> Engineers have been looking for a solution for 11 years and have suggested a new road parallel to the existing, next to the Río Tarqui and an alternate route using the vía Turi-Tarqui past the jail and connecting to the Circunvalación Sur (Autopista). <If the planning goes on as long as the planning for the San Francisco Plaza, the world might run out of oil first and we’ll all be walking or riding horses again. Or riding in solar powered air cars.>

Hospital ship – A Chinese hospital ship arrived in the Venezuelan port of La Guaria on el sábado to bring medical attention and an exchange of knowledge as part of a strategic cooperation strategy signed between the two nations. <A foot in the door for China, but not wearing an army boot. Pretty soon it’ll own Venezuela’s oil, but Venezuela will get hospitals, roads and infrastructure. The US model is to send the military and bombs. Monroe must be rolling over in his grave.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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