Officials discover new tool for preventing cars from parking on the tram tracks: Public shaming

Mar 29, 2019

Cuenca transportation officials have found an effective way to stop drivers from parking on El Centro tram tracks. “It’s called public shaming,” says Cuenca transportation manager Adrián Castro. “It works very well in many countries, especially China, and we discovered on Tuesday that it works in Cuenca too.”

A social media video shows passersby yelling at a man who parked his car on tram tracks to pick up a pizza.

When a man parked his car on the tram tracks, blocking an oncoming train, the scene was captured on video and went viral on social media. In the video, passersby are seen yelling at the driver who had gone into an adjacent restaurant to pick up a pizza.

Following the incident, police went to the man’s home to serve him a $78 ticket.

According to Castro, his office may make official use of videos showing drivers who park on the train tracks. “We were very pleased with the public reaction to the incident and realize that revealing violators to the public on social media is an effective method for deterring right of way violations. We may record our own videos and broadcast them.”

Castro said that illegal parking on tram tracks has dropped dramatically since live tram tests began late last year. “We are very impressed with the public’s respect for tram passage,” he said. “When tests began, we had two or three of these incidents a day. Now they are very rare. In general, we are very satisfied with the public’s response to the testing phase.”

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