Offshore companies owned by Moreno’s brother spark calls for investigation

Feb 21, 2019

President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday that he has no involvement in two offshore companies owned by his brother. Reports of Edwin Moreno’s financial transactions through companies based in Belize and Panama was reported earlier this week by the La Fuente website.

President Lenin Moreno

La Fuente writers Christian Zurita Ron and Fernando Villavicencio claim there is an “offshore labyrinth of financial activity linked directly to the family of the president.” The journalists say that a “full investigation” into the case is warranted.

Moreno insists any investigation will only involve his brother and that suggestions made in the La Fuente article of his connection are without merit. “They attacked my personal honor and that of my family with a string of data and scribbles that have nothing to do with me,” he said following the Wednesday signing in Quito of a freedom of speech declaration.

National Assemblyman Juan Cristóbal Lloret calls the disclosures a “national emergency” and is demanding that the assembly convene immediately to investigate the charges. “The finger of corruption now points to the president and his close family circle and this deserves the full attention of the assembly.”

Another assemblyman,  Ronny Aleaga, says he plans to file a formal complaint against Edwin Morneo with the Attorney General’s office and demand a full investigation.

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