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One-time Cuenca resident, cyber security mogul and presidential candidate John McAfee says the U.S. is ‘universally hated’

By P.H. Madore

In a recent interview with Newsweek, John McAfee surfaced to discuss living abroad and what he’s learned about the global perception of Americans. After recently “going dark” on the internet, he told Newsweek “we’re hated universally.” According to him, the reason most American tourists don’t pick up on this fact is that they’re a source of income for the people and places they visit.

John McAfee

“I have traveled around the world. Everybody hates America. Do they show it? No. If you’re a tourist, you’re never going to see it. Why? If you’re a tourist you are a source of income for that country. You’re never going to see the truth. Well, I’ve lived in these countries, and I’ve seen the f***ing truth. We’re hated universally. We interfere in their affairs that we do not understand what’s going on….”

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Over the past decade, McAfee has lived in such far-flung destinations at Belize, Malaysia and Cuenca, Ecuador.

McAfee, who is wanted by the U.S. government for tax fraud, is currently running for president. The software mogul invited this attention from federal authorities when he openly flaunted his tax evasion just after the new year. Later that month, federal authorities issued an indictment. While felons are legally allowed to run for president, it’s unclear if McAfee would be able to assume the office with a standing warrant hanging over his head.

Since 2000, the Justice Department has abided by the opinion that it cannot prosecute someone in the highest office.

This past week, rumors spread on Twitter that authorities captured McAfee but they are apparently not true.

McAfee isn’t losing sleep over his situation with U.S. authorities and has no idea what it will take for him to return home.

“I don’t have a clue. I haven’t thought about it yet. I don’t address problems until I’m ready to actually do something. First of all, get a bunch of lawyers. Secondly, come back, I don’t know.”

McAfee wants the public to know that he doesn’t care what people think of him. This is unusual for someone with political aspirations but certainly not new. McAfee draws the line at what is written about him, saying:

“I’m just being me. I’m not going to change me to be untrue or rather false or restricted while I’m trying to make you be unrestricted. That makes no sense. No, we should all be unrestricted. We should all give a shit nothing about what people think or say about us. We should give a shit about what’s written about us. We give a shit about our impact on the world, if we do something, which is absolutely us. No. I could care less about that, sir. I’m not creating a brand, I’m not creating an image.”

The security mogul says he has untold numbers of people working on his campaign in the U.S. and hundreds of people working in foreign countries for him. The multi-millionaire, for all his “not giving a sh*t,” is a Twitter celebrity.

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25 thoughts on “One-time Cuenca resident, cyber security mogul and presidential candidate John McAfee says the U.S. is ‘universally hated’

  1. There are people from the US (expats) that also hate their own country and add fuel to this fire even though the US gave these people the freedom to speak out against them without any repercussions. And the US let’s these same people enjoy a pension that they earned. It’s like biting the hand that feeds them. Yes they have earned it but there are countries out there that would not pay it out if they do not live in their own country for a least a certain period every year So instead of the US people counting their blessings they knock them down.

    Also keep in mind that this hatred is also fueled by the dictatorships making it sound like democracy is bad thing yet they flock to the US to buy property and enjoy the freedoms and send their children to the US schools and position themselves in the US because it is a heck of a lot safer to live their than the dictatorships

    1. You are obviously not a US expat. If you were, you’d understand that the bedrock of our constitution is freedom of speech. It is not only our right, but our obligation to speak up against social and political policies with which we disagree.

      As far as the article is concerned, John McAfee, while a computer software genius, is a complete wack job. He is still wanted for questioning in Belize regarding the murder of his neighbor, as well as in the US. I don’t know why anyone would take him seriously.

      1. He certainly is US expat patriot as only an insane mind does reject people enjoying what they have earned just because they don’t pledge to a flag and kiss the feet of their King.

    2. “And the US let’s these same people enjoy a pension that they earned.”

      Really? And somehow we are supposed to be grateful for this “liberty”?

    3. Your second paragraph (“Also keep in mind…)–besides being a run-on sentence written in a confused stream-of-consciousness style–makes absolutely no sense. Can you name one dictator (or his/her children) who “positioned themselves” in the United States? That’s okay–don’t bother. I’ve learned not to expect an answer back from you when you can’t defend your statements.

      So instead, let’s look at your first paragraph in which you reprise your same old shopworn mantra about people who hate the United States but who shamelessly collect pensions they earned.

      I know it’s foolish to ask, but can we finally get something straight, Esmeralda?

      I don’t “hate” the United States.

      As a matter of fact, I deeply love my country. You mistake criticism for hate. If I criticize my child for doing something he or she shouldn’t, does that mean that I “hate” them? If I disapprove of a policy that Mayor Palacios advocates, does that mean that I hate him? If I strongly object to an action that President Moreno undertakes, does that mean that I hate him?

      John McAfee is certainly not the best spokesman for anti-interventionist sentiment but that doesn’t mean that everything he says is wrong. Poorly worded? Yes. Guilty of horrendous logical fallacies? Yes. But he is right that there are a large number of people in the world who hate the United States, and with good reason. Not because we let women drive (Marco Rubio). Not because we let ungrateful expats collect their pensions overseas without bowing down three times daily to the FDR Memorial.

      No, they hate the United States because of what we have done to their countries and to their loved ones. If you don’t understand that, Esmeralda, I’m just wasting bandwidth. I’d say I look forward to your reply, but I think I’ve got the mantra down pat by now.

      Surprise me this time, will ya’?

  2. Maybe he feels this hatred to and for the United States because he is such a dislikeable fellow and is mistaking this lone expression of loathing for a universal “truth.”

  3. What a load of self righteous crap. I have also traveled around the world. I have lived in 3 countries outside the USA for a total of over 7 years. I have been to 20 countries outside the USA to include most of Asia, Australia, and much of Europe, Mexico and South America. I am hardly a no nothing tourist. Most of the world admires the USA. The fact that his experiences show him the people that hate and are only after money tells much more about him.

    1. “Most of the World admires the USA” you happily replied…
      If so, why the US is always been under attack? Not for being good people, I guess…
      There is no such thing as a fact or fiction about your Constitution. It had to be in that way, just to divide people and keep them fighting, that’s all!!
      So, why it matters, if Most of the World, as you say, hates or loves the United States? That’s irrelevant to us…

      Just saying:))

  4. Yes, like Nat says, McAfee is simply projecting his experience onto all Americans. Likely that he is universally hated, with such an arrogant and condescending perspective.

  5. There’s no question that everyone is allowed the freedom of speech, even if the speech is hogwash. We have visited over 80 countries and lived in two outside the US, and have found nothing but respect and welcoming…and even more so outside the tourist areas. Do people dislike and resent our government? Absolutely, and rightly so many cases…many hate their own government. But, aside from the occasional ugly American, the world is a welcoming place indeed.

  6. I find it interesting that no one has mentioned the fact that McAfee has been a fugitive from justice in more than one country for many years. He fled to Belize to avoid prosecution for tax fraud in the US until he was wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, and he fled Belize. I would not credit this individual’s opinion of how the “world views Americans” than I would any other fugitive’s.

    1. I thought he left Belize under suspicion of murdering his next door neighbor. On the other hand, I met him once in Cuenca and he seemed like a reasonable guy.

  7. Ah, it’s times like these when I really miss good ol’ StillWatching and his curmudgeonly way of dressing someone down by informing them that “your logical fallacy is____ [fill in the blank]. The logical fallacies committed by McAfee and several of the commenters here is a veritable stew of hasty generalization, anecdotal and composition issues.

    Most reasonable people in this world do not judge others strictly by their nationality. An objective, thinking person will render his judgment of another based on a number of factors with little if any weight in that determination given to country of origin.

    Frank Grillo comes the closest of all commenters in saying, “Do people dislike and resent our government? Absolutely, and rightly so many cases…” Whether we like it or not, our government has done–and continues to do–some downright evil and despicable things in a number of places around the globe, all in our name.

    However, it is a gross act of stupidity, bigotry, both, or worse to wrongly associate someone from another country with the acts of that person’s country or with the acts of some other individual(s) from that country.

    Ahem. Does “They are rapists, murderers, drug dealers, criminals…” ring a bell?

    McAfee is absolutely wrong to say that “we are hated universally.”

    But so are several commenters here who contend that we are universally loved. We are all individuals, interacting with other individuals whose life experiences and political views run the gamut.

    Anyone contending that the actions our country takes globally have no effect on the way others see us is foolishly naive.

    1. Whatever happened to “StillWatching”? A smart guy, but I often wondered how he could fit in the same room with his own ego.

      1. From what I understand, he is no longer with us. Every once in a while a pretender pops up who surreptitiously sneaks a third “L” in the middle of the moniker, i.e., StilllWatching.

        1. He changed his screen name often because so many people blocked him. It go so ridiculous, at one point he was replying to his own comments with his various sock puppets. He’s probably still here. My money is on Cuenca Guy.

          1. He could still have some split personalities. But, behind door #1 is truthteller. My feeling is that he was re-incarnated after an imposed time out by CHL moderators.

  8. Funny when I traveled the world I found people in some of the counties like us others not so much

    1. I’ve always contended that anyone who chooses to run for president is, by definition, automatically disqualified by reason of being certifiably insane.

      1. Yup. But always the same wrong kind of wretched ratched insane. Not that RP McMurphy’d survive the oval any better than the cuckoo’s nest.

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