Outgoing mayor, prefect defend their records, San Francisco Plaza investigated, Prison emergency, Melendi in concert, Old IESS hospital revalued

May 15, 2019

Martes, 14/5/2019

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Nothing that’s not already in progress or over.

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Ad – Concierto – Melendi, in Cuenca for the first time – jueves, 16/5 a las 20:00 in the Coliseo Jefferson Pérez – tickets available at www.ticketshow.com.ec and Musicalismo at Mall del Río – $35 & $60.

Otras cosas –

President Lenin Moreno

Titular – Declaran emergencia en cárceles del país (Emergency declared in prisons in the country) – <Would be nice to have an emergency declaration for the bus systems. Not sure what good it would do, though.> VP Otto Sonnenholzner announced that due to the attacks and deaths in prisons in the country, the Government is declaring an emergency. Control of the “centros de rehabilitación” (rehabilitation centers) will be under the Armed Forces and the National Police. Part of the problem is the system has 41,000 “reos” (inmates – your word for the day since there hasn’t been one for a long time) with a designed capacity of 27,000. Another problem is corrupt guards.

New anti-corruption commission – Pres. Moreno has created la Comisión de Expertos Internacionales de Lucha Contra la Corrupción, a 5 member international commission with members from Spain, the US, Guatemala, Brazil, and Honduras. Each member has expertise in a different area. <How about getting Jarvanka down here to show the commission how corruption is done.> The commission has a term of 90 days with the possibility of a once only extension.

Politics <from several articles> – The outgoing mayor and prefect are bragging about and/or defending their terms. Mayor Palacios named the first of his department heads. >It’s a long list.> An environmental, eco-agricultural, womens’, and youth collective organization announced its support for Marisol Peñaloza for Vice Mayor. She was elected to the council last march and has 20 years working in defense of water and other environmental projects.

San Francisco Plaza – An audit by the Contraloría General del Estado (Comptroller) has been completed and a report submitted. The office found that studies done by a contractor to the Áreas Históricas y Patrimonials were not used in the contract. The report included mention that one of the construction consortium members was a son of a municipal employee. A councilwoman said the report should go to the AG for investigation and remedies. <I remember writing about that – a councilman at the time reported the problem. Appears nothing was done at the time. Did the son resign from the consortium?>

Old IESS hospital – The U. of Cuenca owes $1.9 million for the old hospital which it is buying from the IESS. The Comptroller’s office found that the original valuation and purchase price of $5.8 million was incorrectly calculated, and should be reduced to $3.9 million. The U. has paid $2 million so far and is talking to the director of IESS to agree on a fair price.

BIESS mortgages – The Banco del Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social (Biess – Bank of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute) has changed its mortgage lending requirements. The bank makes loans on housing projects for the social and public interest sectors. Before, the bank could make a 100% loan on a house costing $100,000 with an average $5,000 “enganche” (deposit?). Under the new policies, it can only finance 85% on houses costing from $10,000 to $100,000. For houses from $100K to 150K, 80% financing doesn’t change. Before, loans on houses from $150K to 200K were for 80%, but now will be 75%. Brokers and builders are worried that demand for housing will go down since fewer families will be able to afford them.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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