Peru opens Cuenca consulate, ‘Open Skies’ agreement with the U.S., Anti-mining march planned

Jun 4, 2018

Anti-mining march to Quito is planned
More than 500 people from around Ecuador met Saturday to plan an 11-day march to Quito to oppose the country’s mining policy. The meeting, held at the City Museum in Cuenca’s historic district, focused on preparing a proposal to deliver to President Lenin Moreno at the conclusion of the march. “This march will have historic implications and represents decades of struggle against mining that affects the indigenous people of Ecuador,” said Patricia Carrión, an attorney with the Ecumenical Commission for Human Rights, one of the march sponsors. “Our goal is to make Ecuador free of mining operations that affect the páramos and the quality of the water in the high altitudes,” she added.

Peru opens Cuenca consulate
The government of Peru has opened a consulate in Cuenca to serve the estimated 6,000 Peruvian citizens living in southern Ecuador. The consulate, located at 27 de Febrero and Bernardo de Legarda, will also provide services to travelers planning to visit Peru. Career diplomat Julio Alberto Ocampo will serve as general consul.

Chile-based LatAm is one of the airlines that could benefit from the new policy.

Air travel to the U.S. will increase with ‘Open Skies’ policy
The government says it is finishing a proposal it says will boost air travel between Ecuador and the U.S. The proposal, under the international “Open Skies” protocol, will increase the number of passengers flying between the two countries by five percent within five years, according to Jéssica Alomía, Undersecretary of Air Transport. “Open Skies will increase the frequencies of international flights by eliminating restrictions on charter flights and relaxing regulations for new air carriers to enter the market,” she says, adding that the U.S. is ready to enter into the agreement. Alomía says her office is working on a similar agreement with the government of Mexico.

Ecuador nominated for tourism awards
Ecuador is among the leading candidates in the 2018 Adventure World Tourism awards. The country is competing in 38 categories, with the winners to be selected in September at the World Travel Awards (WTA) gala in Guayaquil. Among the WTA nominations is the Galapagos Islands, competing for the award of the Leading Beach Destination of South America and the Leading Romantic Destination of South America.

Peruvian airlines plans international flights
The low-cost carrier Viva Air Peru plans to enter the Ecuador market by the end of year, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Although the airline has not yet determined specific routes to and from Ecuador, it says it is expanding service throughout Latin America and plans service to Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname.

Guayaquil Orchestra, Philip Glass, to perform in the Galapagos
The National Geographic television network and the Guayaquil Symphony Orchestra are collaborating on a series of concerts in in the Galapagos Islands, June 6 to 9. The orchestra will perform under the baton of invited composer and director Philip Glass. Titled “Galapagos, Music for the Planet,” the concert series will be performed in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.

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