Plant your urban garden, Beware of phony priest, Deadline for new bus cards, Immigrant ordinance proposed, French festival deadline extended

Jan 16, 2019

Martes, 15/1/2019

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Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

“Las Noches Circulares” – This free guided tour is part of the XIV Bienal de Cuenca and will be el jueves a las 19:00 starting at the Museo de Medicina (av. 12 de Abril y Solano). The tour will go to the Museo Universitario and the Antigua Planta Eléctrica (Loja y Primero de Mayo). <If you enter from Loja, the brick bridge over the street was the aqueduct that supplied water for the plant’s turbines. You can see the 3 pipes in back of the plant.>

Fiesta de la Música – The Alianza Francesa has extended an invitation for musicians, photographers, audiovisual producers, and designers to participate in the Fiesta de la Música which will be el 21 & 22/6.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Local police warn of a fake priest asking for money on city streets.

Plántulas – La Empresa Municipal de Desarrollo Económico (EDEC E (Simón Bolívar y Huayna Cápac.) is giving away plántulas (seedlings – our word for the day) for urban gardens. You can also get a manual for how to grow an urban garden. <I should do that, but first I have to win a fight with an armed and dangerous mora bush for at least partial possession of a little plot of dirt.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Devolverán el dinero de los sobornos (Odebrecht bribe money will be returned) – See CHL article for the story.

Reminder – If you’re still using an Urbania bus card, you have until the end of the month to exchange it for a Movilízate card. You can do it at the transfer stations at the Feria Libre and the Terminal Terrestre.

Alert – There is someone who says he’s a priest asking for donations in the María Auxiliadora parish. Don’t fall for it. <And it doesn’t help things if you give him money just to go away.>

Disability certificate – You can do paperwork for a disability certificate at health centers or calling the Ministerio de Salud at 171. Part of the process is a doctor’s exam and/or (?) filling out Form 001 and then another exam by a qualifying board composed of a doctor, pshychologist and social worker. Depending on the case, the patient has to renew the certificate annually. <And you thought the visa process was Dante’s 10th circle of hell.>

The life of a garbage truck – EMAC got 5 new garbage trucks and plans to replace 8 more in their 30 truck fleet. Some of the trucks to be replaced are between 10-12 years old. The new trucks have a useful life of 7 years. The trucks have a 20-yard capacity and can take 10 tons of solids in each trip. They’re equipped with a system to collect the 60 & 90 gallon containers used by condominiums. The garbage collection coverage in the canton is 98.6%. <I see a lot of comments complaining about various aspects of life in Cuenca, but haven’t noticed any about garbage collection. Who could complain about 3 times a week collections?> <This not the same as the garbage grill safety issue.>

Migrant support ordinance – Councilwoman Carolina Mártinez proposed new legislation to support returning migrants and foreigners coming into Cuenca. The legislator consulted with experts in the subject and with groups of foreigners, especially Venezuelans and Colombians. The ordinance seeks to guarantee the protection of migrants’ rights from education and health to to facilitating municipal procedures.

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