President declares 4-day Christmas holiday, More Avianca flights, Christmas for all, Roadwork between hospitals, Nativity scene exhibit at CIDAP

Dec 2, 2018

Sábado, 1/12/2018

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
Pagina cultural –

Book launch – “Cuenca ilustrada: escenas y personajes” (Cuenca illustrated: scenes and characters), a book by Diego Sánchez will be presented Friday at the CCE theater. The complete program includes presentation by the Teatro Barojo, music by Darío Torres and a “noche cuencana” (Cuencan night). The book is a collection of 23 images of the city, orginally done in water colors and acrylics. <Now this is a book that you monolinguists will be able to “read.”>

Rock papa niños – “Lirock” willl be the first rock concert for children by Lirón, Lirón. The show is Sunday a las 16:00 in the Teatro Sucre with “La Doble” from Cuenca, and “Banda Tapir” from Quito. Cost: $7:00 and $5:00 through sábado, and $10 & $7 on domingo.

Panama hat weavers in Cuenca

Tejido de toquilla (straw weaving) – 5/12 will be the 6th anniversary since the Tejido Tradicional del Sombero de Paja Toquilla Ecuaoriano (Traditional Ecuadorian Straw Hat Weaving) was added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity. The 5th Artisan Fair, “Weaving Identity,” will be el miércoles próximo from 10:00 in the Parque Calderón. Weavers from 20 organizations and 8 private initiatives will be demonstrating, showing and selling their craft.

Pesebres – An exhibit of nativity scenes in various media and from 12 countries opened Saturday at CIDAP. 70 of their collection of 220 nacimientos will be on display. El martes próximo the Novena Navideña will go to various locations – 5 museums, the plazoleta de la Cruz de El Vado, INPC, CCE, and end at CIDAP on viernes, 14/12. On sábado 15 y domingo 16/12, there will be a Christmas bazaar. <So you can find the perfect ornament for your first Christmas tree in Cuenca. Or your 27th Christmas tree. Whatever.>

Música – The program “Jóvenes Promesas de la Musica: Sembrando Futuro” (Young Promises of Music: Sowing the Future) was Saturday in the Sala Comunitaria Pumapungo.

Cine – “Espacio Nomada” (Pres. Córdova next to the fire station) will present a series of 3 films in the “Nueva Ola Checoslovaca” (New Wave Czechoslovakian) series. Saturday’s film was “Margaritas de Vera Chytilova.”

Teatro – “La Diablita de Llacao” will be staged Sunday a la 11:00 in “Atrapasueños” (calle Juan Bautista Vázquez 4-131) as part of the Teatro de Títeres (Puppet Theater) season. Cost: $3 & 5:00.

Inauguración – El Centro PEN Ecuador will inaugurate its space el 7/12 a las 19:00 in “Saladentro” (Paseo 3 de Noviembre 4-78). There will be literary, journalistic, and musical activities. <And don’t forget the aguardiente to wash it all down.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Informarse sobre el SIDA es importante (Finding out about AIDS is important) – The Ministerio de Salud Pública organized a walk yesterday to inform the public about AIDS and how to prevent it. <I rather doubt they promoted abstention as the best and only moral way to prevent it.> The Public Health System in Ecuador provides antirretroviral drugs free. There are fewer cases in the South than in the rest of the country with 600 in Azuay. IESS is treating 300 patients in Azuay.

Accident prevention campaign – The “Diciembre Seguro, Diciembre sin Pólvera” (Safe December, December without Powder) Campaign, driven by security institutions, kicked off this campaign for safe handling of fireworks. The presentations are geared for youngsters. <Do I need to mention which sex youngster is the target audience?>

Holiday – Pres. Moreno declared a national holiday for lunes, 24/12 which would result in a 4 day weekend – sábado 22 to Christmas Day on the 25th, and a second holiday on lunes, 31/1/2019 with a 4 day weekend from sábado 29/12 to martes, 1/1/2019. Basic and essential services will be provided normally as well as banking services.

Roadwork – The city plans to deliver the improvement work on 24 de Mayo from calle Cuzco near the IESS hospital to av. De Las Americas el 15/12. The road connects IESS with Hospital del Rio. Work was started the past junio and construction progress is at 96%. Asphalt paving will be placed this próxima semana, and street signs and signals will complete the project.

Niño de Cuenca – This religious image <And why is the Christ child always portrayed as a pink cheeked, blue eyed baby when we all know he was Jewish and probably had brown eyes and an olive complexion?> was taken on a walk yesterday, for the first time in 520 years after a 9:00 mass and eventually to the Tercera Zona Militar. The Niño de Cuenca, who is at least 520, is even older than the Niño Viajero who is about 180.

“Navidad Para Todos” (Christmas for Everyone) crusade – The cholitas and queens of 45 rural parishes along with Canogopare-Azuay, are part of a group working on the Christmas for Everyone Project. They are asking for the good will of people who can donate things of use such as clothing and shoes, toys, household supplies and food. Bring your donations to the Mall del Río, Monay and El Batán Shopping hoy y mañana from 10-20:00 or to the parque El Paraíso from 9:00 <for you generous early birds>. 15 or 20 of the parishes will be picked to hold bazaars to sell the donations for only $1 per article. <If their shoes got sold like cars, you’d buy a shoe for a dollar, with a mate and laces as options if you wanted them.> The income will be distributed to the parishes of the beauty queens for their social projects.

Airlines – Avianca Holdings has reached an agreement with United Airlines and Copa Airlines for a strategic and commercial alliance to bring better service to passengers traveling between the US and 19 Latin American countries. All are members of the Star Alliance. <All I want is a reliable, reasonable priced flight between Cuenca and Guayaquil.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the “carrots”, or guillements (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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