Prices for gas cook ranges plummet, Children’s opera today, African drum workshop, Julian Assange to be debated, Digital tv signal plans

Sep 22, 2018

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

African percussion – The “Mandingue” workshop started Friday and will continue hasta el próximo lunes from 16-18:00 to teach West African drumming. The workshop is being led by Argentinian musician Carlos Daniel Erramouspe. Call 099 762 1073 to register.

Ópera infantil – The Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca’s (OSC) world premier of the childrens’ opera, “El quinde, el fuego y el gigante” (The quinde, the fire and the giant), was Friday. The opera replays today with perfomances at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Museo Theater. The Childrens’ Chorus of the Conservatorio “José María Rodrígues” will sing.

Festival de Cine La Orquidéa – This film festival will be held from 19-26 de octubre. Proposals are being received until 30/9 for inclusion in the festival go to the website.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Semana Chile – There was a wine tasting of Chilean wines Wed. night at the Winery store. <Sorry you missed it.> Chile Week continues through Saturday with a gastronomic and cultural fair in the El Paraiso.

Luis Fonsi – His Love+Dance World tour will be in Azogues on sabado, 3/11 at he Estadio Municipal Jorge Andrade Cantos. More info at or Cost: $10 to $50. <I’d have thought he’d command higher prices and more prominent cities.> Ticket sales started today on the first floor of the Azogues City Hall and the Bartolomé Serrano shopping center. Ticket sales in Cuenca will start next week at Colineal.

Del pagina de amenidades –

Dnegrus Retri Bar (Av. Los Andes y Altiplano 2,-324) – The last concert with the bands Hagamos Rock and Los Bosón d’Higss before the bar moves to a new location was last night. <Don’t know if a “free bar” is like a no host bar or free drinks although that sounds like economic suicide. Or they don’t want to have to move all those open bottles to the new place.>

Noches de Peña – The Café de la Plaza and its Sala Retro (Pres. Córdova y Borrero) will be converted into an Alternate Cultural Center hoy a las 21:00 with musicians on guitar, harmonica and accordion. Free.

Tribute to Hombres G – Saturday night a las 22:00 in Lirón Lirón (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo 9-41). Cost: $10.00.

Miss Earth Ecuador – Candidates for this beauty contest are in Cuenca. The final gala will be at the Mall del Río Convention Center on 29/9 with bathing suit and evening gown events. <This is for you guys who want to look at pretty girls in swim suits without having to drive to the coast.> The Miss Earth 2018 pageant will be in the Philippines on 03/10.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Oferta 3 servicios por un solo pago (Offer of 3 services for a single payment) – ETAPA is launching a package with high velocity internet, phone, and satellite TV for $42.74/mo. including tax. <More appealing than a TV, internet and sewer package for those of you who log on when you’re on the john.> For $4 more, customers can join the Red Metro Wi Fi Comercial and connect to the internet in different zones in the city with up to 2 mobile phones or a tablet. The cheapest internet portion of the service is 4 megs and in the GPon network, the basic plan starts with 16 megs. 800 subscribers signed up for Multipack during the 3 month testing phase, and ETAPA hopes for 10,000 subscribers in 2019.

Gas stoves – Prices for gas ranges have dropped considerably in Cuenca in the past month after the Government reduced the ICE tax from 100% to 0%. In some stores the prices have gone from $590 to $260, and sales have gone up with some of the jobs lost in the past 4 years while the government was promoting induction ranges also returning.

4 tons of drugs – Authorities burned drugs seized in various operations in the country in an horno de fundición (smelter) at the Graiman factory yesterday <I think it was probably a kiln since Graiman is a ceramics manufacture.> The horno reached temperatures of 1,450 grados. <Don’t know if that was farenheit or celsius.>

Digital TV – The Ministerio de Telecomunicación (Mintel) presented a plan to incorporate Televisión Digital Terrestre (TDT) throughout the whole country including developing measures that will favor acquisition of digital TVs by the populace. <I’ve been waiting for a digital signal for at least a year — maybe I’ll finally be able to watch local TV on the set I brought from the US when I moved here.>

Julian Assange – A legislator has asked that the National Assembly meet to discuss the situation of Julian Assange, and alleged irregularities in his asylum status and grant of Ecuadorian citizenship. A protocol to grant citizenship was created exclusively for Assange and there were also supposed inconsistencies in the dates of the paperwork. <He didn’t have to sing the national anthem or pass an in interview in Spanish?> He apparently renounced his diplomatic asylum after he obtained his citizenship. <So now he’s just another Ecuadorian camped in a government office until his paperwork is accepted.>

“Panama” hats – Ecuador’s Commercial Office in Pekín (Beijing) organized a glamorous fashion parade as part of the III Festival de Sombreros de China with models wearing sombreros de paja toquilla to promote these cultural icons. The collaboration was between Pro Ecuador and businessman Jeffrery (SIC) Song, known as Mister Hat in China. <If even 1/10 of the population decided it needed to sport a “Panama” hat, that would probably overrun the production capabilities of all the weavers here. Maybe their children would start to follow them into that craft. Or there’d be a whole bunch of 6 year old Vietnamese kids weaving “Panama” hats.>

Descuentos y compras –

ETAFashion – 3×2 sale from 20-26/9 on basics and jeans. The ad shows T-shirts. Conditions apply.

Christmas – Superstock opened their Super Sala Navideña today with 20% discounts today and tomorrow. <And it’s not even Halloween or even Cuenca’s Independence Day yet.>

And that´s all for today so la próxima semana –


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