Priest relieved of duties, Lack of meds at IESS hospital, Cuenca wants to be ‘Opera Capital’

May 31, 2018

Priest relieved of duties following sexual abuse charges

Catholic priest César Cordero has been relieved of all church duties pending an investigation into charges that he sexually abused children. The order was delivered Wednesday by the Cuenca Curia and announced by Archbishop Marcos Pérez Caicedo. Cordero, 92, the founder of Catholic Universtiy of Cuenca, is currently receiving medical treatment for a circulatory illness that his family says is “temporary”. Investigations into sexual abuse of children are underway by both the church and the prosecutor’s office based on five allegations of rape.

Scene from a recent production of “The Magic Flute.”

Lack of meds and supplies at IESS hospital addressed

An administrative inspection has found “serious shortcomings” in the inventory and stocking process at Cuenca’s José Carrasco Social Security hospital. Viviana Bueno, provincial director of the Social Security (IESS) system, says she had ordered immediate changes to the process. The inspection, carried out after doctors at the hospital filed a complaint with national IESS authorities, found that medicines and supplies stocked in the hospital warehouse are often not available in the pharmacy and to doctors, and that orders to outside vendors are not being made in a timely manner. “These are circumstances that should not exist and we have ordered immediate remediation,” Bueno says.

Cuenca hopes to become ‘Opera Capital’ of Ecuador

Funding from Ecuador’s Ministry of Culture will help finance two major operatic productions in the coming months, according to Gabriela Sánchez, executive director of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra. The opera “Eunice,” by Ecuadorian composer Luis Humberto Salgado, will be staged as well as a children’s opera based on Amazonian legends. In addition, Sánchez says that a grant from a Hungarian musical foundation will fund a production of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” later in the year. “Our goal, ultimately, is to make Cuenca the opera capital of Ecuador,” she says. “Our staging of ‘La Traviata’ and ‘The Magic Flute’ last year proved that the people of Cuenca are eager for more opera.”

President Lenin Moreno

Moreno wants to expand trade with the U.S.

President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday that Ecuador is “opening up to the world” in its effort to attract business investments. Specifically, the president said efforts are underway on several fronts to increase trade and improve the investment climate with the U.S. Moreno’s comments were made Wednesday at the opening of an international  investment forum in Quito. “We need to get the word out, to the U.S. and other countries, that we are an excellent place to invest and that the climate for doing business here is improving dramatically,” he said. The U.S. ambassador to Ecuador, Todd Chapman, agreed with Moreno and said he is an impressed by the changes he sees in Ecuador. “This is a government with which the U.S. can work,” he said.

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