Public bicycle system launches, 134 free internet zones in parks, 50 aftershocks on the coast, Therapies for autism, Learn urban gardening

Apr 2, 2019

Lunes, 1/4/2019

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De la pagina cultural –

Festival de la Resistencia – The Resistance Festival will be el sábado in El Learnaya (skirts of Cabogana <you’re on your own with your map program – I have no idea where that is>) a las 16:00 with 7 bands – Pankreas, Los Despacho, La Locro Banda, Los Zuchos del Vado, Ruidoso Cassette, Plaza Malatión y Auawaska. <And if you’ve heard of any of those you’re probably under 30.>

Otras cosas –

Cuenca’s public bicycle program is operational.

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Titular – Terapias para vencer barreras del autismo (Therapies to overcome barriers of autism) – Autism Spectrum Disorder is being treated in the Clinica del Autismo at the IESS hospital. The medical team and therapies consist of a pediatrician, nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, an area for “fisiatría” (?), language and occupational therapy, early stimulation, and special education.

Ear deformation – In Ecuador, 300 babies are born with microtia each year. Children should have an evaluation of their auditory system by 4 months. Microtia is a deformation of the outer and middle ear, causing deafness, which can be treated with a hearing aid. The main cause of this syndrome is altitude. The most cases in the world are in México, Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador.

Sistema de Bici Pública – The Public Bicycle System started Monday with 942 users registered. You can register at, on a mobile app, or at the office on Paseo Tres de Noviembre y Puente (Bridge) Juana de Oro. The registration costs $3 and gets you a magnetic card you use to remove a bike from one of the 10 stations. You have 30 minutes to get to another station. <You do not get to putter around on the bike all day and then go home and leave it outside your edificio.>

Free internet – ETAPA announced that it has installed 134 free WiFi zones in the city. The zones include plazas and parks in the urban areas and the central plazas of some of the rural parishes.

Club de agroecología – If you’re interested in joining an agroecology club, go to the Empresa Municipal de Desarrollo Económico (EDEC EP – Municipal Economic Development Corporation) in the Portal Artesanal (Simón Bolívar y Av. Huaya Cápac). You will learn about cultivating organic food without chemicals, making an urban garden, and how to maintain it. <Weed, weed, weed, and pray the bugs don’t find it.>

Adulto mayor – There is a Centro de Atención del Adulto Mayor del IESS (Senior Center of the IESS) with art and photography programs taught by art students from the U. of Cuenca. <And I bet some of them would speak some English. Give you an opportunity to practice your Spanish and learn to paint or draw.>

Aftershocks – The Instituto Geofisico de la Escuela (school) Politècnica Nacional reported 50 aftershocks of the 6.5 quake that hit off the coast.

And that’s all for today so ? –


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