Doggie haute couture: Ecuador’s pet clothes designers are putting their best paw forward

Jun 28, 2018

There are doggie duds for all shapes and sizes.

By Robert Bradley

Designer doggie duds? Who’d a thunk it.

Well, it appears that a good many people have and they are now devoting their creative talent to dressing up your dog.

The summer look is “in” in Quito.

Poldo Dog Couture, an Italian brand, offers leather, vinyl and neoprene jackets. Giovanna Temellini, a designer with more than 25 years experience in haute couture for humans, launched her clothing line with cashmere sweaters and alpaca coats for all types of dogs. Prices can reach $450 depending on the size. Its flagship product is a customizable bomber jacket that sells for for $200.

But you don’t need to go all the way to Italy to put on the dog. “In Ecuador, you can find exclusive and exquisitely made clothing for your dogs and cats.” says Quito pet clothing designer Andrea Muñoz at Lucky for Pets, a company that specializes in creating custom-made clothing.

The two-tone look, with matching cap, is all the rage in some neighborhoods.

“At one time it was nearly impossible to get a good fitting, comfortable, yet high-fashion attire for pets,” says Muñoz. “Options were few. The horror of attending an event only to have another dog wearing the same outfit show up was always a possibility.”

But, what to do?  Why not enlist the aid of a friend? Man’s (and woman’s) friend and those who design exclusively for them.

It was from these humble beginnings that doggie duds and even kitty couture found their place in the Ecuador world of fashion.

Don’t forget the hair!

Custom designed t-shirts, bikinis, sweaters, coats, jumpsuits and gala costumes for special occasions and other accessories, such as hats and shoes can now be found in Quito, Paris, and Milan, with a few even turning up in Cuenca.

With clothes made to measure, garments can be made that have no size limit, so even that cute and bubbly Mastiff need no longer be ashamed to be seen … naked. Those humbling days are over.

The longer I stayed on the scent, the more I learned. Obviously, having four legs instead of two presents a challenge for designers. “Whether one, dresses on the left, or right introduced a different set of difficulties, but this was easy to deal with. The real challenge is length due to the huge range of pet sizes. This can make all the difference,” explained Monica Molina in Quito.

The right look always starts with the fit.

The good news is this: Siamese, Pekinese and Dobermans, alike, take pause, appropriate, eco-friendly, non-binding attire waits you. No need to shiver in the morning chill. Just ask your owner to book a session with one of Ecuador’s talented pet couturists. They’ll make you the talk of the town.

Source: El Comercio

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