Fire damages local market, Extreme sports park opens, Cuenca craft beer rated country’s best, Anti-mining group threaten protests

Mar 15, 2019

Viernes, 15/3/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Concierto – There was a concert by the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra Friday in the Catedral Vieja with cellist Roberto Trainini soloing on his cello, built in 1690, and Alina Comissarova on violin. The program will include Sinfonía #9 by Luis Humberto Salgado; Vals Scherzo Op. 34 by Tchaikovsky; and Concierto para Violin, Violoncello y Orquesta en La Menor Opus 102 by Brahms.

Teatro – Lore Barreto will present 2 theatrical works in 3 performances of “Ausencias” and “Rigoberto,” a puppet show. The first performance was Friday in Break (Bolívar 10.31 y Padre Aguirre). The next two will be on los domingos 17 & 24/3 at Atrapasueños.

Fire at the mercado.

Teatro – “7.8 Memorias y Escombros” (7.8 Memories and Rubble) was performed Friday in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco in the CCE. The play will give a voice to those who were excluded and suffered the horrible and real history of the 2016 earthquake in Manabí.

Filme – The Alianza Francesa will presented a short film, “Cisko” Friday with the director, producer and two actors in attendance. The official premier will be el sábado, 16/3 a las 19:00 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco.

Exposición – Works by Hernán Illescas will be shown at the CCE in Quito starting el miércoles. <Just in case you were going to be in Quito and needed an art fix.>

Exposición de tejidos – A show of weavings from Marasloma-Oña opened Thursday at La Galería de Oficios at the CCE and will continue for a month. <This for all you gringo weavers who might want to talk to your Maraslomeño counterparts.> The exhibit will include “el lavado y trasquilado” (washing and shearing the lambs)<en vivo? or in videos?>, “escarmedado, hilado, torcido, teñido y tejido” (chaffing, spinning, twisting, dyeing and weaving) on belt and pedal looms. <And what the heck is chaffing?>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Show – Jimmy Bad Boy, a reggae singer, was at the HanGover Disco (in the airplane) Friday.

Political humor – Comedian Carlos Michelena, “El Miche” will performed “El Candidato” Friday in the Teatro Casa de la Cultura.

Cine infantil – “Los Pitufos: La aldea escondida” (The Smurfs: The Hidden Village) will be screened Saturday a las 10:00 in the Auditorium of the Alianza Francesa.

Otras cosas –

Titular – “Incendio fue provocado” (Fire was provoked) – A fierce fire left a “flea market” outside of the Mercado 27 de Febrero off of Av. Salano in rubble. The fire started about 21:00 on miércoles, 13/3 and destroyed the stalls of 45 merchants. The flea market, at Aldolfo Torres y Francisco Carrasco, only operates on weekends, and vendors sell clothing, appliances, furniture, plastic items, and other things that burn easily. 3 gas tanks also exploded. <What happens when a gas tank explodes? Does it explode into shrapnel or does it turn into a missile, or both?>

Megaparque “IctoCruz” – Lovers of extreme sports <but not too extreme> now have a space in the megaparque IctoCruz where they can do mountain biking, hiking <including on wheelchair accessible paths>, and ziplining (4 of them covering 608 meters) and more. There will eventually be a charge for the ziplines, but they will be free tomorrow. The inauguration will be Saturday at 10:00 with a rock concert and free rides to the park <For all you carless gringos too broke or too cheap to call a cab; and also for you gringos with cars who have no idea where this park is. I’d tell you, but I don’t know either.> with transportation leaving from the colegio Benigno Malo sector between 9-10:30.

Mining referendum – Anti-mining groups said that if the referendum in Girón is not held, “paralizarán” (they will paralyze – your word for the day) the province and hold a national march. <Better keep an eye on these plans because they could affect your road trip plans.>

Cervecería La Paz – This artisanal brewery won a prize for “Mejor Cervecería del Ecuador” at El Barrilito de Oro in Panamá. La Paz was started in 2014 by Juan Pablo Eljuri who felt that Ecuador brought the conditions of a barley growing country, qualified people, and a growing beer culture together which made an ideal opportunity to produce high quality artisanal beer. La Paz makes Latitud Cero, 593 and Hacienda La Paz. <Vertical integration – from brewery to La Taverna, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they grew their own barley, too. Did you know you were drinking an Eljuri product when you downed that bottle of Latitud Cero? Just don’t combine that with driving the other stuff the Eljuris sell – like cars can motorcycles.>

Consejo de Participación Ciudadana – Elizabeth Cabezas, the president of the National Assembly, has proposed an amendment which would limit the current role of the Consejo in designating high officials such as the Attorney General, Ombudsman, Comptroller, Prosecutor and Superintendents. She proposes returning those functions to the Asamblea which is the institution with the maximum democratic representation in the country. She added that 92% of the voters don’t really know the candidates for that council, 60% don’t know how to vote for those positions, and much of what the council does is not part of their official duties. Another assembly member said that in most of the world, the officials that the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana appoints, are picked by the legislature from a list of nominees from the executive office. <I bet a lot of people are going to vote “nulo.”>

Descuentos y compras –

Restaurante Rancho Chileno and El Maiz Restaurante – Fanesca and humitas and arroz con leche – every viernes during cuaresma (Lent) – call 280 0185, 286 4112 or 284 0224 for more info. <6 weeks of fanesca is a lot more than the average gringo is able to tolerate.>

Computron Tech Store – up to to 25% off selected merchandise – 15-17/3 –

JAC – open house, 16 & 17/3 – S2 from $18,990 – buy an S2 or J4 and get 25,000 Latam miles – Av. Gil Ramírez Dávalos 14-34 y Turuhuayco.

RM – 20% off all clothing & 50% off selected merchandise – sábado, 16/3 – 7-11:00.

And that’s all for today so la Hasta Mañana –


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