Risk Management warns of volcanic ashfall; Police add horseback patrols; Lasso, Arauz take opposing int’l trade positions; Covid cases up after Carnaval

Mar 9, 2021 | 12 comments

Martes, 9/3/2021

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Receptarán proyectos musicales (Musical projects will be received) – The Municipal Dirección de Cultura opened a competition for musicians in Cuenca who want to be part of the program between el 1-30/4 to commemorate the 464th anniversary of the founding of Cuenca. Those interested can present proposals in electronic music, lyrical singing, alternate rock, metal and popular music which will be played in public and cultural spaces in the city. There will be an economic incentive for the realization of the projects. Musicians and bands should submit their proposals by el 11/3 a las 16:00.

Convocatoria de la UNESCO (UNESCO call) – UNESCO is convening its 7th edition of Art Camp “Los colores por el planeta,” a cultural project for peace which will be from el 14-25/7/2021, Covid permitting. Ecuadorian painters can participate and those selected will be part of an artist in residence where they can share art and promote the diversity of cultural expression. If interested, submit your proposal by 1/4 to internacional@culturapatrimonio.gob.ec. <The April 1 due date is a cooincidence and this is not an April Fool’s article.>

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Guillermo Lasso is accusing his presidential opponent Andres Arauz of accepting money from foreign sources. (El Mercurio)

Titular – Conexión vial Azuay con Morona, pésima (Headline – Azuay road connection with Morona, terrible) – Of the three national roads connecting Azuay with Morona Santiago, only one is under contract and in construction. A bridge is being built on the vía Paute-Guarumales-Méndez at km. 99 in the Jurupis creek/ravine sector of Sevilla de Oro canton where the entire roadway was washed out by a mudslide. The project is at 15% completion, and the area is open to traffic with controls. Work on the vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón was terminated by mutual agreement due to lack of a budget to continue. The vía Sígsig-Chiguinda-Gualaquiza was part of a larger package of projects at a national level and terminated at 85% completion. The problem still has not been resolved.

Suben contagios por Covid-19 tras fiesta de carnaval (Covid-19 infections rise after carnival party) – The IESS hospital started the week with all their beds for critical Covid patients full. At the Hospital Regional, 90% of the beds were occupied and 60% at the private hospitals. Researcher Vernardo Vega said that there were 364 new cases in Azuay last week and 13 deaths. He reported an acceleration of 25% in the number of cases relative to the prior week, and an average of 7 more deaths. A front line doctor at the IESS hospital said the increase in cases was due to the crowds and gatherings during Carnaval. ECU-911 data showed a reduction in the number of crowds and Covid emergency calls in the last few days, but that this is no reason to get careless. In spite of medical advice, you can still see small crowds in the Centro Histórico and people without masks in public spaces which could cause a rebound in the number of cases. The Ministerio de Salud has asked the Coordinación Zonal 6 for a list of vulnerable groups to receive part of the Sinovac vaccines donated by Chile last week. The arrival of this shipment has given hope to an alliance between the Municipio and private businesses to speed up the vaccination process which had run into obstacles in importing vaccines that weren’t made by Pfizer or AstraZenica. <So what comes next – vaccines at your local Coral, Bodegón, or in the produce aisle at the SuperMaxi?>

Terminal Terrestre abre un comedor destinado a niños (Terminal Terrestre opens a dining room for children) – 29 children and teens whose parents have commercial spaces at the Terminal Terrestre received an institutional dining room where they can get daily breakfasts from lunes a domingo from the Nuestra Niñez foundation. This is part of an iniciative by the Acción Social Municipal which fights infant malnutrician in vulnerable groups in Cuenca. The project will expand to more sites in the canton in the next few months. According to a 2018 Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutrición (Ensanut), 23% of children under 5 years suffered from chronic malnutrition in Ecuador. The pandemic has increased this risk. <What about all of you who don’t need or want to keep your IVA refund – give it to this foundation and feed kids instead.>

Prueba supermanzanas no convence a vecinos (Superblocks test does not convince neighbors) – The 3d superblock test is in the area bounded by Don Bosco, Loja, de Las Américas e Isabel la Católica and has been running for 15 days. Homeowners and owners of businesses in the area met to present a joint request to the City. They said that the city never notified the affected population which met on its own and went door to door to consult with their neighbors. The complaints included problems with traffic congestion during “horas pico” (peak hours, literally – rush hour, colloquially – your phrase for the day) and no parking spaces for customers since barriers were added to reduce the width of some streets. Some of the narrowed streets feed the main arteries, and these are where the complaints center. The city’s goals were to create more secure areas for pedestrians and bicycles and reduce emissions and noise.

Prevención ante caída de ceniza (Prevention against ash fall) – The Servicio Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos y Emergencias (SNGRE- The National Service for Risk and Emergency Management) made recommendations to prepare people for falling ash from the Sangay volcano in Morona Santiago. Ash could reach Azuay depending on the wind. Some of the suggestions were to use masks to prevent respiratory problems and sunglasses or glasses to protect your eyes; limit outdoor activities; keep drains and pipes clear of ash so that they won’t get blocked when it rains; and clean ash from roofs, patios and driveways and bag it. <Since we’re all wearing masks anyway – or should be – do we now double or triple mask against ash? Not much chance of respiratory damage if we can’t breath what with all the masks.>

Patrullaje en zonas urbanas y rurales (Patrolling in urban and rural areas) – The Policía Nacional has a project called “Policentauros” to reduce crime in urban and rural zones of Cuenca. Police riding horses trained in maintaining order can reach areas of difficult access such as parks and river banks. <Good thing the horses are trained because the cops usually just sit on top, using their phones.>

CNE no hará conteo rápico en segunda (CNE will not do a quick count in second) – Diana Atamaint, president of the CNE, said the organization will not do a rapid count in the runoff elections. The decision was made due to the confusion during the elections when the run off was called for Arauz and Pérez and then changed within days, as the final votes were counted, to Arauz and Lasso. There will be no results called by either individuals or the press — only the CNE.

Tesis opuestas en la política internacional (Opposing theses in international politics) – Arauz and Lasso separately presented their campaign proposals in the area of international policy to the diplomatic corps. Their ideas, on most issues, were totally opposite. Lasso said he would sign trade agreements with as many countries as possible to facilitate internacional investment in Ecuador. Arauz’s international policy would be sovereign and would resuscitate Unasur.

Financiamiento extranjero (Foreign financing) – Although he didn’t have sufficient proof to file an official complaint, Lasso informed the diplomatic corps that his opponent, Arauz, took financing from foreign countries as well as having foreign citizens in his campaign.

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