Sábado, 8/4/2017: Election recount begin, Best balcony flowers contest, Cuenca nominated for tourism Oscars, Downhill run

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Libros recomendados (recommended books  <although if I have to translate that, how do you expect to read the books?>

Biografía del Silencio by Pablo D’Ors, published by Siruela 2017
Dime Quién Soy by Julia Navarro, published by De Bolsillo
Sinuhé, El Egipcio by Mika  Waltari, published by De Bolsillo

Articles about –

Sacred music concert – The Santa Catalina Chorus will sing el próximo martes at 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja.

Exposición – There will be a collective exhibit which will include paintings by Cuencana Josefina Flándoli in the galería La Spirale in Brussels.  “Pachamama, mère terre” (Pachamama, madre tierra (Pachamama, mother earth)).  Other artists are from Belgium, Colombia, France and Argentina.

Revista (magazine) – “Tasty, magazine point” is a gastronomic magazine which was launched Fri. night.  This issue included la ruta de los sánduches (sandwich route), the growing tea culture in Ecuador, and an interview with Marlene Jaramillo, a professor in the School of Hospitality Sciences at the U. of Cuenca.  It will be available to the public in a few days.  It has still not been decided if the publication will be bi-monthly or quarterly.  <If any of you sees a copy, please let me know.>

Review – The puppet show “Increíble George” was a family enterprise with a couple from Reunión and their two sons (10 and 15 yrs.), all of whom are musicians.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Con el GOE allanan Cedatos (With GOE, Cedatos was cleared) – The Prosecutor’s office along with police special forces cleared out the office of Cedatos in an investigation called for by AP into alleged manipulation of data to benefit Guillermo Lasso in the 2/4 runoffs.  Documents and computers were seized.

Yesterday, CNE started a recount of votes in the provinces of Chimborazo, Imbabura, Pichincha, Cotopaxi and Carchi.  Pres. Correa said that we are helping the challenge to the election results by counting as quickly a possible.  As for the total recount that Lasso wants, Correa said he (Lasso) knows that is not permitted by law and what he is asking is impossible.  <It would be ironic if the recount shows Moreno increasing his majority.>

CNE – Juan Pablo Pozo, Pres. of CNE said that CNE would look at any challenge by political organizations as long as they were documented and supported.  CREO submitted another 2.448 “actas” papers on Fri., which it said showed “irregularities.”  < I think these papers are certified vote totals from whatever source.>  One irregularity was that there were actas which were changed by someone and accepted by CNE.  Another irregularity was with signatures.  <You’ve probably got your own signature irregularity story – maybe from immigration or the bank.>
Pozo said he also regretted not making the Participación Ciudadana results public at the time.  PC called the election a technical tie.  CNE’s results were Moreno with 51.14% and Lasso with 48.86%.  PC’s rapid count results were Moreno 50.8% and Lasso 49.2%.  The other rapid count organization had results of 51.15% for Moreno and 47.8% for Lasso.  The OAS observers also made their own count which is similar to the official results.  Two companies were authorized to conduct exit polls. Perfiles de Opinión gave Moreno 52.2% and Lasso 47.8% Cedatos gave Lasso the victory with 53.02% and 46.98% to Moreno.  <Don’t you wonder how one firm could be so different from all the other entities that counted?  Maybe they only interviewed people in the mining areas.>

Morlaquita 2017 – Doménica Cordero is Cuenca’s 2017 Morlaquita.

Robberies – Neighbors are asking the authorities for support after three houses near an empty lot at El Oro y El Batán were robbed.  They said the robberies occurred after strange people started living on the lot.

Tourism “Oscars” – Cuenca was nominated for the World Travel Awards in the category of “Best Destination for Short Vacations in South America.”  To vote for Cuenca, go to www.worldtravelawards.com and click on VOTE NOW.  Then click on REGISTER and fill out the information asked for and click SUBMIT.  A confirming email will be sent to you.  Click on the link, and it will take you to the page where you can vote.  <I really appreciate the detailed instructions for computer dummies, of whom I’m one.>

Best balcony flowers contest – The awards for  this contest on calle Rafael María Arízaga will be given out el próximo martes at 11:00.  <Might be worth a stroll along the street to admire the balconies and get some ideas for your own place.>

Palms – 1500 live plants were distributed to people to put in their gardens.  The palmas de ramo or palmas de cera are an endangered plant.  They grow above 2,000 m. above sea level, and reach a height of 60 meters in 150 or 200 years. They don’t produce seeds until they’re 87 years old.  <No wonder they’re endangered. They don’t reproduce on a human time line.>

Amenidades –

Plaza Gastronómica – A new food plaza will open on 11/4 at 19:30 with 12 locations serving different kinds of food.  The Plaza is located on Alfonso Astudillo across the street from the Parque de la Madre.

Deportes –

Downhill – The 2nd qualifying run for the Provincial Downhill Championships will be domingo at 11:00 at km. 24 of the vía Cuenca-Machala.  You turn onto a gravel road 100 meters before the monunent of Victoria del Portete.  There will be signs saying “DH” and there is a parking lot as well as pickups that will take bikes up to the start of the track which has been open for practice since last jueves.  Registrations closed today.  <But you can still go watch even if it’s too late to ride.>

Discuentos y compras –

Feria Madelab – the oldest furniture fair in the country – liquidation prices – from today to 16/4 – Centro de Exposiciones Huayna Cápac – Octavio Chacón Moscoso y Cornelio Vintimilla, in the Parque Industrial.

Comandatos – Dile chao! a las salvaguardias (Say goodby to taxes) – a Suzuki Gixxer (?) – Before, $6,969 and now $6,102 – 27 payments of $226.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta lunes –



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