San Francisco Plaza inauguration, Alianza Francesa agenda, Rural tourism, Youth orchestra registration, Deadly dam failure in Brazil

Jan 27, 2019

Sábado, 26/1/2019

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Book recommendations for the week:
“El Metodo Sakuma” by Kenichi Sakuma, published by Kitsune books.
“Cómo hacer que te pasen cosas buenas” (How to make good things happen to you) <How about living with “What goes around, come around.” as your motto?> by Martín Rojas, published by Espasa Libros.
“El río de la la conciencia” by Oliver Sacks, published by Anagrama.

Renovated San Francisco Plaza will be inaugurated Tuesday.

Alianza Francesa – The Alianza Francesa will have “Los jueves del conocimiento” (Knowledge Thursdays) starting el jueves próximo. This program will present current scientific themes that provoke debates on subjects such as the environment, technology, law and how they relate to the arts. February will feature dancer Ana Pi who will give a “tour” of urban dances around the wold – the krump in LA, dancehall in Jamaica, kuduro in Angola, pantsula in Johannesburg, and passinho in Brazilian mega cities. March will honor Belgium with a show of cine and cómic. <I don’t know if it means comedic arts or drawn comics.>

La Casa Mary Coryle – This historic house where two of Cuenca’s most loved poets lived, reopened Saturday. The house was unoccupied for a long time and was restored at a cost of $300,000. <No address given – you’re on your own.>

Agenda items –

Teatro – The theater collective Somnus will stage “El último Anhelo” hoy a las 20:00 in the “Break” Espacio Cultural (Bolívar 10-31 y Padre Aguirre). Cost: $8, 5, & 3.00.

Magia – Magician Juan Estrella will performed his show, “Un día a día: Un íntimo show de magia” Saturday in “La Guarida.” <I just happen to know it’s on Mariscal LaMar at Luis Palta.>

Música – For lovers of music, “Sonidos del Espacio” was presented along with the pre-launch of the “Ciudad Sonica” magazine Saturday in “Kañaryhouse” (Calle Larga 9-71 y Padre Aguirre).

Teatro – the Atrapasueños Espacio de Cultura will present “Cumpleaños Invisible” <That’s every birthday after your 39th – just ask Jack Benny.> as part of the Domingos en Familia, Sunday y el próximo domingo a las 11:00. Cost: $3.00.

Orquesta – The Casa de Juventud is calling for youth between 14 & 29 years to register for their orchestra. The session will be sábado, 9/2 a las 10:00 in the Casa (calle Latinoamérica y Brasil).

Poemas – Poemas para Niños (Poems for Children) by Eugenio Moreno Heredia will be presented el martes próximo a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Turismo “vivencial” – The Comunidad de Turismo Rural Sayausí is offering 3 “Experiential” tourism packages. It organized a tour for the press yesterday. The first stop was the parish church where there was a ritual of the Chakana or Cruz Andina to receive the blessings of Mother Earth. The next stop was to a community member’s land where the visitors learned about and participated in the process of preparing the soil and planting. The 3d stop was a visit to a weaver who uses a backstrap loom to make bags and garments. The last stop was to an organic farm where the owners taught the group how to cultivate food free of chemicals and the use of medicinal plants and herbs. The finale was a pampa mesa with food harvested from the organic garden. To learn more about the tour packages and costs, call 099 970 1852 or 098 791 3717 or go to the Facebook page: Turismo Rural Sayausí. Make reservations 3 days ahead. <Or have your facilitator make them for you if you’ve been skipping your Spanish classes or never even started..>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Estudios sustentan la remodelación de plaza (Studies sustain the remodeling of the square) – President Moreno will attend the inauguration of the remodeling of San Francisco Plaza el próximo martes, 29/1.

Brazil Dam collapse – The rupture of a dam at the Vale iron mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil, caused at least 7 deaths with about 150 people missing. The spill contained mine wastes which buried the mining operation as well as homes in various rural areas. 9 people were pulled from the mud alive and taken to hospitals, and about 180 were rescued uninjured. So far, only 279 of the 427 workers have been accounted for. In 2015, another dike belonging to the Sanmarco mining company failed, causing the worst environmental catastrophe in Brazil with 19 deaths. <I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more of this under Bolsonaro.>

Conferencia Internacional sobre Turismo y Acesibilidad (International Conference on Tourism and Accessibility) – Ecuador will be the seat of this conference at which over 400 tourism professionals from 15 countries will participate. It will provide professionals with the technical tools for planning for the needs of the disabled. <Does distracted count? All those tourists and newbies walking around Cuenca looking up at buildings instead of watching where they’re walking – into bollards, into holes, into those raised handles for manhole covers. So what’s your tripped and fell story?>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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