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San Francisco Plaza vendors want new city government to ‘fix the mess left by Cabrera’

The association representing the merchants of the renovated San Francisco Plaza hopes to meet this week with Cuenca Mayor Pedro Palacios to discuss what they describe as the “deteriorating” situation at the plaza.

San Francisco Plaza vendors are complaining about the quality of the sales kiosks provided by the city.

“The old city government did not follow through on its promises to provide an attractive space for the vendors,” says Carlos Diaz, a vendor and representative of the merchants association. “The structures the city gave us are leaking and do not protect us against thieves. Where are the police we were promised? Where are the bathrooms? Mayor Cabrera let us down and now our only hope is with the new government.”

Several vendors say that lack of security in the plaza had led to theft of merchandise when the sales kiosks are closed at night. “We were told that the there would be citizen guards in the plaza 24 hours a day like there are in Parque de la Madre but most nights there are none,” says vendor Alex Merana. “The seller next to me lost $300 in clothing two weeks ago.”

Another complaint is that vagrants are using the perimeter of the plaza as a bathroom. “This was a problem with the old plaza and it kept customers away,” says Diaz. “We were told that this would end with the new design but without bathrooms and police the problem has returned.”

Complaints about the structural quality and security of the sales kiosks have been voiced by a majority of the plaza vendor, Diaz says. “Many of them have leaks that we have been fixing ourselves,” he says. “There is also insufficient overhang to protect our products from the sun and some vendors are putting up plastic tarps to provide cover.”

Other issues the vendors hope to discuss with the new government is the lack of control of informal food sales carts and rent collection.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Plaza vendors want new city government to ‘fix the mess left by Cabrera’

  1. Put the ex mayor in jail until he pays back the 10Mill. he made from the tranvia.. another useless waste of the city’s infrstructure and funds, ruining far more businesses. Stop the corruption and thievery!

    1. I thought Cabrera was terribly inept. If he was a thief, please provide evidence so he can be prosecuted, otherwise, please watch the words you use.

  2. Where are the police, indeed! One might reference that statement to anywhere in Cuenca. The new mayor promised to uphold current traffic laws, fine driver’s for speeding and other infractions… yes, where are the policia? Even when one is in the middle of a crosswalk, with a green walk light, people cavalierly run the red lights and speed through the intersection, nearly hitting the pedestrians. Where are the policia? It seems to me that the definition of a civilized society is one that has common sense laws that are respected by the citizenry and that iracions are punished for the good of the populace.

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