Santorinos on Calle Larga: Not just another pizzeria

May 22, 2018

What joy to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Before waxing poetic on this food review (It’s not easy to wax a poetic, if only because they’re really hard to catch) I want to express our deep appreciation to all the people who have so graciously offered their help, emotional and even financial, after the theft of $2,000 out of my bag on the bus last week. This sum was the last of a bank loan we had taken out to finally get our household goods over here from Oregon.

Thanks to a timely loan from two dear friends, we have been able to make the payment to the shipper despite this loss and should get our stuff, including the piano I inherited from my mother, within another week. Many thanks to all those who expressed their concern.

Before you rush to comment, please note: I’m not paid for these reviews. Cuenca is my home. This is just one small thing I do for the benefit of my community. Thanks again to all who were kind, considerate, and helpful…

Jackie and I and a couple of friends went to Santorino’s Pizzeria on Calle Larga, near Pumapungo Museum, and immediately next door to Miguel Illescas art gallery. Santorino’s has their main restaurant in El Centro, but we chose the smaller one because we intended to have a quick lunch and then spend a few hours in the museum. Ah, the best-laid plans . . .

We were initially seated outdoors, which was very pleasant until it started to rain and we moved inside. There are two tables outside and five inside, all disabled-accessible.

We started off with their 2-for-1 mojitos. Then we ordered two small pizzas and shared. One pizza was pepperoni with mushrooms, my favorite. For the other one, we decided on bacon with clams. They were both very tasty, well-spiced with a medium crust. Then we had a couple more mojitos, which were excellent.

We discovered that this was not just a pizza place, but had a surprisingly extensive menu, so we simply had to try a few of their entrees: chicken marsala, and mojitos. And beef stroganoff. And mojitos. And something with shrimp. And you-know-what. All the dishes were very tasty, well-cooked, reasonably-priced, with ample portions. The stroganoff was particularly excellent, the meat was very tender, and served with a delicious sauce. Side dishes included steamed broccoli and fried yucca.

Our first waiter was a young man, somewhat surly, having a bad day for some reason, but he was soon replaced by others who gave us attentive, courteous service.

We had a great afternoon with friends. Recommended.

Santorino’s Pizzeria, 209 Calle Larga and Miguel Angel Estrella
Hours: Every day 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. cozy, casual, pet and kid friendly. $$


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