Senator moons congress, says he is following a long Colombian tradition of ‘showing your ass’

Jul 21, 2018

The former mayor of Bogotá and newly-elected Colombian senator Antanas Mockus claims he was simply following a time-honored Colombian tradition when he mooned the National Congress Friday afternoon.

Senator Antanas Mockus moons Colombian congress.

Mockus dropped his pants during the installation ceremony of the new Congress because members showed a “lack of respect” for the outgoing congressional president.

According to Mockus, congressmen and congresswomen were intentionally disrupting the farewell speech of Efraín Cepeda, a political colleague of Mockus.

“I thought their behavior was outrageous and deserved an in-kind response,” Mockus said. “My act of disrespect is nothing compared to the disrespect shown by Congress toward Mr. Cepeda. Given the treatment he was receiving I could think of nothing more appropriate to do than to drop my pants.”

He added: “In Colombia, it is well-respected tradition to drop our pants and show our ass when the moment calls for it. I thought the moment was right and consider myself a true patriot.”

It was not the first mooning that Mockus has administered in his public career. Twenty years ago, as president of a Bogotá university, he dropped his pants in front of hundreds of student protesters.

A female member of Congress said she approved of Mockus’ choice of underwear color — blue — and that he had a “nice ass for an old man,”

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