Senior discounts available with cedula, Chamber of Commerce pushes labor reform, Bonsái workshops, Elderly living in extreme poverty

Jun 10, 2019

Lunes, 10/6/2019

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Titular – Escuela Judicial fue a Quito cuando su sede es Cuenca (Judicial School went to Quito when its seat is Cuenca) – Cuencan officials have written to the Consejo de la Judicatura to respect the declaration made on 31/10/2011 that made Cuenca the seat of the Judicial School which actually functions in Quito.

Interested in Bonsai? Sign up for the workshop.

Seniors in extreme poverty – The Ministerio de Inclusión Económico y Social (MIES) identified 4.354 seniors in extreme poverty in the Cuenca district which includes, Girón, Santa Isabel, Cuenca, Pucará, Ponce Enríquez, San Fernando, Oña y Nabón. The 1.500 in Cuenca are in the Quingeo, El Valle and Tarqui parishes. La Misión “Mis Mejores Años” (The Mission “My Best Years”) was started in 2017 with social assistance programs nationwide. The principal objective is to guarantee adequate life conditions for seniors, many of whom are suffering from loneliness, abandonment, and depression.
The director of The Mission in Cuenca says there are urban seniors who have pensions, but suffer loneliness since their families work and they don’t have specific activities. <So you geezers out there, keep up with your volunteering, art lessons, writing clubs, and hiking groups.> In the country, there are seniors who were abandoned due to migration, sometimes left in the care of their grandchildren who themselves later left to be with their parents or to the cities for work. Many of these seniors say they are just waiting to die.

The Mission helps these seniors by trying to get their families more involved and by visiting them.

Ley Orgánica de las Personas Adultas Mayores – This law was published 9/5/2019. <This is for all of you looking for something for nothing or at least something at half price.>The benefits to seniors include 50% discount on basic cell phone and internet plans; 50% off the electric bill with consumption below 138Kw / hora; and 50% off the water bill with consumption below 34 cubic meters / mo. Seniors also get 50% off entrances to sporting, cultural, artistic, recreational, and public events. In order to get these discounts you must be over 65 and show your cedula.

Labor reforms – The Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Ecuador presented 40 proposals for labor reforms to César Litardo, president of the Asamblea Nacional. These included new types of employment contracts, a longer probation period, and requiring that strikes receive court approval. The Executive Director of the Guayaquil Chamber said that these 40 changes would give employment to 5 million Ecuadorians who currently do not have stable employment.

Bonsái – The Club Bonsái Cuena brought in a master from Venezuela to conduct a workshop. If you’re interested in the art, write

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