Six members of Oliver Sinisterra Front are captured in Colombian operation

May 4, 2018

Colombian military police have captured six members of the break-away FARC group responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Ecuadorian journalists. The group, which calls itself the Oliver Sinisterra Front and is headed by the former FARC commander “El Guacho,” has also admitted its involvement in at five bombings and in Ecuador and Colombia and the kidnapping of an Ecuadorian couple in Colombia.

Military police line-up of those arrested in Tumaco.

According to the Colombian army command, one of those arrested is, alias “Mantequilla,” is the front’s bombing expert. In addition to bombings, Mantequilla is wanted in several murders and several extortion plots in Tumaco, a Colombian city 50 north of the Ecuadorian border.

Another of those arrested, aka “Maicol,” is believed to be one of Guacho’s top lieutenants in Nariño Department, Colombia. Like Mantequilla, he is the chief suspect in murders near Tumaco.

In addition to the arrests, Colombian authorities say they confiscated a large amount of bomb-making materials, light and heavy firearms, cars and motorcycles. Among the firearms taken in raid was a shoulder-to-air missile launcher capable of shooting down light aircraft.

Thursday’s arrests were the second in two days of suspected Sinisterra Front members. On Monday, the army made seven arrests.

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