Some of Cuenca’s recycled waste may be processed into concrete

May 12, 2019

Cuenca’s Municipal Cleaning Company, EMAC, and Geocycle Ecuador SA, EC, an international agricultural waste management services company, will ship up to 22 tons of waste per day from Cuenca to a Guayaquil port facility to be processed for the cement industry.

Tons of trash will be recycled as concrete.

Non-recyclable plastics, tires, textiles, leather, wood, mud, among others, will be collected for the program.

The sanitary landfill of Cuenca receives an average of 517 tons of garbage per day. According to researcher Daniel Orellana, “This landfill is under pressure to provide for an accelerated volume of waste, so the city has the challenge to separate waste properly to facilitate increased recycling.”

Andrea Arteaga, manager of the EMAC, said the agreement with Geocycle Ecuador SA is for one year, during which time they will analyze the feasibility of renewing and expanding the tonnage Geocycle will receive.

The new program will not affect normal garbage collection.

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