Symphony and chorus tonight, Sports federation owes half a million, Brandon Tenesaca for mayor: Reduce use of cars, support the tram

Feb 13, 2019

Martes, 12/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Escultura – The ceramic sculptures of Fausto Bravo, ceramicist and painter, are being displayed in a replica of his studio at the Galería de Oficios at the CCE. The ceramic pieces have been donated to CIDAP.

Cuarteto Voices (Voices Quartet) – This vocal group and the U. of Cuenca Symphony Orchestra will perform a concert with romantic music el miércoles, 13/2 a las 20:00. Cost: $10.00. <My guess <emphasizing guess> is it will be in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamaríz.>

University of Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

Jornadas de Cine y Filosofía (Film and Philosophy Days)- This event will start on 9/3 with the theme, “Cine y Realidad Latinoamericana;” a film, “Sangre de cóndor;” and Lina Dolano talking on “Sanjines: Cine y tranformación social.” On 16/3, the film will be “Barroco” and a paper on “El cine barroco, la cara opuesta del nuevo cine” (Baroque cinema, the opposite side of the new cinema). There will also be events on the 23 & 30/3.
Taller de Narrativa – Adolfo Macías will hold a workshop el sábado 9/3 a las 9:00 in Zaga Visual (Paseo del los Cañaris y El Observador). It will center on “El Personaje” (the character). Cost: $50.00.

Book launch – A compilation of two books of poetry by Manuel María Ortiz will be launched este miércoles a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Comparsas de Carnaval – The Amistad Club and Unión Nacional de Periodistas (UNP) <The same groups that organize the Día de los Difuntos/Comparsas parade and Año Viejo contests in early Jan.> is organizing “A la voz del Carnaval, todo Cuenca se levanta.” This comparsa contest will be the first one organized for the Carnaval season.

Otras cosas –

Titular – 587.533 dólares debe la FCA a ETAPA EP (FCA owes $587,533 to ETAPA) – The Federación Deportiva the Cuenca owes for water usage from 2005 to 2016 plus interest and fines. <If you’re wondering how any institution could run up a bill that size, think swimming pools.>

Mingas – In 2018, La Empresa Municipal de Aseo (EMAC EP – the city garbage company) had Mingas de Arboración in which 38,294 trees were planted in the urban, peripheral and rural areas of Cuenca. Some of these trees were to replace others that had been cut down. Before cutting down trees, EMAC does a technical evaluation of its condition including age, the angle at which it’s leaning, if it’s sick, and if it’s close to a house.

Voto 2019 – Brandon Tenesaca is the candidate for the Unión Ecuatoriana national movement (lista 19). He would:

Make the Tranvía self sustaining, but he believes that at least in the beginning, it won’t be profitable. He would ask for subsidies from the national gov’t and if that didn’t happen, the city would have to assume those costs.

Design an awareness and training plan to reduce the use of private vehicles and would improve public transport. He gave the example of rural parishes where buses might only come 2 or 3 times a day forcing residents to use their private cars and pickups.

Oppose any large scale or open pit mining. He said it is a federal decision, but what bothers people the most, is the biggest multinationals come in, exploit as much as they can, and leave the fewest benefits to the people already in the area. <What benefits? They leave the people already there with damaged environments, cancer, and the clean up responsibilities.> He would push for a referendum on current mining projects such as Río Blanco and Loma Larga (formerly Quimsacocha).

Change the work of the Guardia Ciudadana de Cuenca (GCC) and distribute its members to the neighborhoods and parishes to support the Policía Nacional.

Relocate the “zona de tolerancia” (tolerance zone – red light zone) out of Cayambe because he feels this use should be outside of the urban area.
Reduce the city’s advertising budget by 25%.

Key issues for Cuenca –
Reabrir los PAI – He would reinstate the Puestos de Auxilio Inmediato (PAI – Immediate Help Posts) that were closed by the Ministerio del Interior, and would support the police with arms and vehicles.

Terminal Terrestre – He would relocate the Terminal Terrestre as a medium range project after first making sure the resources were available to complete the project, and take advantage of studies done to date.

Plan para aeropueto – He says a new airport would cost over $600 million, and if it were necessary, relocating the airport would be a long-range project for which the first step would be finding financing.

Mercado mayorista – He feels a review of the studies for the construction of a new wholesale market is needed which should be available in marzo próximo. However, he believes relocating the market is needed.

Mercado El Arenal – He would have an integrated security system for El Arenal and the others in Cuenca managed by groups of the vendors. He would also ask for help from the Armed Forces.

Clínica veterinaria – He would start a public veterinary clinic and make agreements with the universities. The main objective would be a sterilization plan. This would be financed from the reduction in the advertising budget.

Vender en línea – Local businesses are making the jump to on-line sales with young entrepreneurs in the lead. The Universidad Espíritu Santo published data showing that 20% of businesses in Ecuador are engaged in B2B commerce, 35.9% sell on line, and 29.5% buy on line, with these transactions increased by 80% between 2012 and 2014. Two young people started an on-line business called “Encuentra Viajeros Aquí.” Travelers can register their trips and and be connected with people in Ecuador who need things brought to them from the US. The business shows calendars for when and where travelers to Ecuador will arrive. Travelers pay a fee to the business which verifies that they aren’t fraudulent accounts. The traveler and the receiver contact each other and negotiate the price to bring the things in. <Mules Are Us.>

Corredor Bioceánico (Bioceanic Corridor) – This road project would cross Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Paraguay is starting the work on it’s 277 km. section of the Corredor.

Soybean production – Ecuador produces 40,000 tons of soy, which isn’t enough to satisfy the national demand, and needs to import 80,000 tons. Soy is used to make balanced animal feed. <Chicken chow, pig chow, and edamame for people. I wonder if locally produced soy is non-GMO or if there are only GMO soy beans left in the world.>

Pitahaya exports – The first shipment of 240 kilos of greenhouse grown organic pitahaya was sent to the US. The small and medium growers had to provide certifications their greenhouses were free from fruit flies and that they used no chemical pesticides.

Descuentos y compras –

El Mercurio – 26 liter stockpot for $19.99 plus IVA – reinforced aluminum, industrial handles, adjustable top, 2 adjustable interior grills <to steam your humitas on>. <If your apartment’s small, turn it upside down and use it as a stool or table.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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