Taxi app services are illegal, Marcelo Cabrera for mayor (again): Integrate tram and bus service, Pursue freeway plan, Build more public housing

Feb 14, 2019

Miércoles, 13/2/2019

Hola, Todos –

Título – “Apps” para el transporte son ilegales (“Apps” for transport are illegal) It is illegal to use taxi apps such as inDriver or Uber in Cuenca. The Transit Law requires drivers to have a permit. EMOV has sanctioned over 30 inDriver drivers with a fine of $788.00, loss of 7 points off their driver’s license, and loss of their car for 7 days. The only legal transport “app” is “AzuTaxi” which is used by the Unión de Taxistas del Azuay.

Bonus election issue –

Mayoral candidate – Marcelo Cabrera is the candidate for an alliance between the Igualidad (Lista 82) and Creando Oportunidades (CREO – Lista 21). <Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are a complete newbie, you should know that he is the current mayor.> His proposals turn on 4 axes: to take care of Cuencanan families, guarantee good services for the population, promote a touristic and bilingual city, and make the city the capitol of technological innovation. He would:

Consider returning the Tranvía to sustainability one of the main challenges for the next administration with a fare of 35¢ and free for the first month. The city should have an integrated transit system with 5 lines feeding the Tranvía.

Have a program to promote the potential of children and youth who use the 12 community centers created during his administration and in the restored houses and 5 sports complexes he is planning on building.

Have Farmasol, which has 30 branches, produce medicines for two very common local illnesses – breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Increase the amount of participative budgets given to parish boards and continue with the plan to decentralize duties to the rural parishes.

Maintain his proposal to build the Nueva Circunvalación, and says that there are at least 25 consortiums who want to finance this project.

Encourage small residential planners and other private parties to build the remaining 4,000 houses of the 5,000 he promised when he entered office.
Increase green space. When he entered office there was 5 sq. m. of green space person which increased to 11 sq. m. The international standard is 10 sq. m.

Key issues for Cuenca:
Construir 5 polideportivos – He would build 5 sports centers including La Gloria to serve children and youth with sports and cultural programs. Two would be in the Miraflores and Cazhapata sectors.

Obras viales – He would extend the Barrio para Mejor Vivir project into the rural sector. His administration paved about 220 km. of roads.

Agua y saneamiento – He would build potable water projects in Callaloma for communities in Tarqui parish, and in Moya for Quingeo Santa Ana, Cumbe and El Valle; and build the sewage treatment plant in Guangarcucho. <I think that project is so far along, anyone elected would be building it.>

Construcción de mercados – He would build a new wholesale market, the plans for which are due in junio, remodel El Arenal, and build new mercados in Totoracocha, El Cebollar, and Ochoa León.

Terminal y aeropuerto – He would remodel the current Terminal Terrestre with new equipment, and invest about $30 million on airport work including widening the runway.

Feria del libro – He would try get Cuenca named as one of the venues for the International Book Fair and promote cultural events such as the Bienal, Festival de la Lira.

And that’s all for today so Hasta Manana –


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