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Tena wins three awards in international biodiversity photo competition

The Amazon city of Tena is a three-time winner.

Tena is known for its white water rafting tours.

The Napo Province capital, nestled in the Andean foothills on the western fringe of the Amazon jungle, has been awarded three first place honors in a photographic competition sponsored by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (U.S.).

The competition, called the City Nature Challenge, presents awards based on urban biodiversity.
Tena was nominated by Ecuador’s National Institute of Biodiversity and the IKIAM Amazon Regional University for its mobilization of more than 1,800 people who submitted 37,965 photos of more than 2,650 plant and animal species.

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According to the museum judges, Tena won first place for the number of photos submitted, the variety of species represented, and best participation by a tropical city.

Located 70 miles southeast of Quito, Tena is a tourist gateway to Ecuador’s Amazon and is known for its jungle, rafting and kayaking tours. It is also an agricultural center for a variety of tropical crops, including cinnamon.

2 thoughts on “Tena wins three awards in international biodiversity photo competition

  1. Interesting facts about Tena. I know about the outdoor activities there but not Tena’s fame for producing cinnamon..

  2. Tena is a beautiful city. A bit on the warm and humid side, but worth at least a 2-3 day visit.

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