Tests begin on hydroelectric plant, Facebook fugitive pleads his case, Bus wifi diappears

Sep 28, 2018

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Presentation – The catalogue from the exhibit, “Cuerpos que (se) miran” (Bodies that are seen) will be presented Friday a las 18:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad along with a video and a performance.

Stravinsky – The OSC (Cuenca Symphony Orchestra – remember that abbreviation), actors from UDA (Universidad del Azuay – another abbreviation to remember), and narrator Carmen Alvarado presentedt “La historia del Soldado” (The Soldier’s Story), composed by Ígor Stravinasky and written by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. The performance was Thursday at of UDA. <If you want to know what it’s about, go to www.elmercurio.com.ec and look for the headline “A escena un clásico de Stravinsky.”

Tribute – Uruguayan actress Estela Medina will present a tribute to Margarita Xirgú, an actress who fled Franco’s Spain to Uruguay. “Solo una actriz de teatro: viaje a una memoria fragmentada” (Only one theater actress: journey to a fragmented memory) was performed Thursday.

Otras cosas –

The dam at the Minas San Francisco hydroelectric project.

Titular – Denuncian a maduro ante la CPI (Maduro accused before the ICC)- the Secretaries of State of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Perú and Canada presented a petition to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate the government Nicolás Maduro <I hope you’re not ignorant of the fact that Maduro is president (for life?) of Venezuela> of crimes against humanity. In a related article, Maduro said that the humanitarian crisis Venezuela is suffering is being used as an excuse for the US to justify military intervention using the same scheme as is being used in Iraq with weapons of mass destruction. <We’ve got our axis of insanity running from the US to Venezuela to No. Korea.>

Minas-San Francisco hydroelectric plant – The plant, located 40 miles southwest of Cuenca, is undergoing testing and will provide 270 megawatts to the national electrical system. The embalse (reservoir – your word for the day) has been filled to 792.86 m. above sea level, .14m short of it’s maximum level. The construction is 99.7% complete with only some finishes and the installation of some auxiliary electro-mechanical equipment left to do.

Overpricing on construction of judicial complexes – The temporary Judicial Council has found cost overruns of 28-72% and other irregularities in the construction of judicial complexes built during previous administrations. Examples include the Complejos Judiciales in Latacunga, built for $7,141,646 with a real cost of $1,999,660 and in Guayaquil, built for $34,791,346.94 when it should have cost 17,047,760. <Were any of those built by Odebrecht?> <Do you even remember Odebrecht?>

Extradition <of the “50% owner” of Facebook)> – The defense for Paul Ceglia, accused of fraud in the US, has asked for the extradition order to be nullified on the grounds that there were serious violations of the Ecuadorian constitution and international treaties in jailing Ceglia. If nullifying the order is not accepted, the attorney suggested alternates to prison such as bail or house arrest. <So Ceglia can pry the new gadget off and the next news will be from somewhere Africa or the Maldives or Nepal?>

Elections – <This is your civics article.> 36 groups have qualified to be on the ballots for the elections on 24/3/2019. 17 are national, 3 are provincial, and 13 are cantonal. <The other 3 must be virtual.> Candidates can register from 11/11 to 21/12. Campaign season will be from 5/2 to 21/3/2019. Prisoners who have not been sentenced will vote on 21/3 and voting at home for people who can’t get to the polls will be on 22/3. Elected officials will take their positions on 14/5.

Wifi in buses – This service was welcomed by passengers in the first few weeks, but has slowly disappeared from buses. Passengers think that ETAPA and the Cámara de Transporte should reactivate wifi in the buses.

Descuentos y compras –

Home Vega – 20% off everything in the store. <I don’t think that cute clerk is included.> – viernes, 28/9 – domingo, 30/9.

Tablet – An 8″ Playstar tablet for $79.99 plus IVA – from all El Mercurio locations – Android Lollipop, 16 GB memory, 2GB RAM, 2.0 MP front and 5.0 MP back cameras, WiFi Bluetooth, Intel Atom Quad Core <whatever that is>.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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