The Catholic faithful visit seven churches during Viacrucis, Route of the Legends Friday, Landslide damages 20 houses, Children’s theater festival

Apr 19, 2019

Jueves, 18/4/2019

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El Festival de Artes Escénicas para niños y niñas Lirón Lirón (The Lirón Lirón Festival of Performing Arts for boys and girls) – The festival opened 13/4. Upcoming activities include opening a space for reading Friday a las 11:00 in the Imay cultural center and a painting event mañana a las 16:00 in the parque de La Madre. Imay will have theater events del domingo, and a theater group from Quito will be in Cuenca el 27/4.

Exposición fotográfica – The photo exhibit, “Cuenca Religiosa: Influencias religiosas, iglesias, cúpulas cruces y muchos más elementos que <I just read the rest of the item and there are no closing quotation marks so who knows what this show is titled. It seemed awfully long as I was typing.> This exhibit on religious Cuenca will open mañana a las 18:00 in the Mall del Río.

The visitation of the seven churches was Thursday night in Cuenca.

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Ruta de las Leyendas – A new Route of the Legends <Sounds like something the Baseball Hall of Fame would organize.> has been organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism and the Archdiocese of Cuenca for Friday a las 20:00. It will be in the iglesia El Sagrario or Catedral Vieja. In this architectural space, full of legends, characters of Cuenca will talk about traditions, gastronomy and more.

Otras cosas –

Titular – García se suicida antes que ir preso (García commits suicide before going to prison) – Former Peruvian president Alan García committed suicide rather than go to prison. See Wednesday’s article in CHL for details. He was the youngest president in the Americas when he took office for the first time in 1985 and became known as the “Caballo loco” (Crazy horse). <I wonder if he was as nutty as Abdalá Bucaram who was removed from office by the Asamblea for la “incapacidad mental para gobernar” (mental inability to govern). <Now why can’t those legislative bodies up north do that, too – for the same reason.>

Viacrucis – Thousands of the Catholic faithful visited 7 churches on Thursday night. See Thursday’s article about fanesca in CHL which includes some church details. A more than 12 hour procession of images, each weighing more than 300 pounds, will be carried through the streets in El Centro. The pews were removed from the church in the rural parish of Paccha to accommodate worshipers. From 8:00 Thursday to las 20:00 Friday, the doors will be open. On viernes, a las 10:00, 13 communities in Paccha will gather for more religious ceremonies. <For this heathen, all religious ceremonies – Inti Raymi, Easter, Ramadan, Rosh Hashana, Tet, Kwanzaa – are exotic manifestations of faith.> Churches in Cuenca will be open until midnight tonight.

Ina Papers – The investigation by the Comisión Multipartidista (Multiparty Commission) created by the Asamblea Nacional didn’t find any indications that Pres. Moreno had any relation with the case known as the Ina Papers, but not so his brother, Edwin Moreno, who was involved in creating businesses in tax havens. Information from SRI determined that Sinohydro deposited $18 million into the business Recorsa Panamá, owned by Conto Patiño, a supposed good friend of the president. Patiño was apparently an intermediary for Recorsa Panamá to get work in Ecuador. Comercial Recorsa, also owned by Patiño, received $4.5 million of which $1 can’t be justified, leading to a presumption of a tax crime. Assembly members from Alianza PAIS, the Correístas and CREO were all unable to find a link with off-shore businesses and the president. SRI was the only respondent to the Assembly committee which also asked for information from Edwin Moreno and Conto Patiño.

Landslide – Some 20 houses in the Los Pinos Altos barrion were affected by a landslide el domingo anterior. A city risk department employee said that when a study and soil stabilization project was done in the ciudadela Jaime Roldós, there were no signs of earth movement in Los Pinos. 3 families were evacuated and there are risks to more houses, 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom of the slide.

Veeduría del Tranvía – The Tranvía oversight committee made its conclusions about the Tranvía public yesterday. Among these conclusions was a request to the city to explain the estimated number of passengers. At first it was an average of 120,000 per day and currently the estimate is no more than 43,000, at least at first. The committee also asked for the project delivery and acceptance documents. The report also referred to the economic losses suffered by the merchants and homeowners along the Tranvía route, and called for the city to look for a way to compensate them for those losses.

Adoption – In Ecuador, there are 224 children and adolescents waiting to be adopted, 43% children from 10-15 years and only 6% from 1-4. While most parents want babies or small children, adoptions of specific persons is prohibited and parents, except for certain exceptions, cannot pick their adoptee. The Ministerio de Inclusión Económica y Social (MIES – Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion) has published a book which was launched in Cuenca yesterday that describes the adoption process nationally. There will be another book coming out in julio describing the process for international adoptions. If you’re interested in adopting, go to and click on “Inicia el Proceso de Adopciones.” The 6 month process starts with meeting the ministry team that will accompany you through the process; training to make sure that you are making a responsible decision; making a formal application with the legal requirements such as being over 25 yeara old, and with good physical and mental health; a psycho-social exam; and then a declaration of suitability. <If you do it the natural way, you don’t get any of this formal training or evaluation of suitability for parenthood, and you sure don’t have to be at least 25.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta el mayo –


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