The ‘everydayness’ of it all

Jul 16, 2018

Everyone once in awhile it’s nice to read the news and see that some country’s leader is being more sensational then my birth country’s leader. Did you see the uproar that Rodrigo Duterte caused in the Philippines over his comment that “God is stupid?”

Yeah, he said that in a predominately Catholic country. He wasn’t just saying that God, the being or entity in and of itself was stupid; he also called God a “son of a bitch.”  Imagine that!

And if that wasn’t enough, he doubled-down after the uproar that he caused. He said if any person could prove to him that God existed, either with a photo of God or a selfie with him, he would step down as President. Wow, that’s commitment to a crazy thought that was probably just a flippant slip of the tongue. Why even get into the debate? Especially as the President of a country. A Catholic country!

Anyway, I enjoyed it.  Especially the selfie part. But personally, I think the guy is wrong. I believe there is a higher being. And I know not everyone does. Heck, one of my best friends here doesn’t. And that’s okay with me. Because my God doesn’t need him to believe.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

What I believe doesn’t fit into any traditional religious model. Not a Catholic version, not a Baptist version, not even a Muslim or Hindu version.

The easiest way to define what I believe is this: I believe that we are not accidents here.

But, I do believe in evolution. I believe that we are the culmination of millions of independent steps of mutation as we adapted to our surroundings. But we were not accidents. We started from something. And since we haven’t found a way to create life, from nothing, I suggest that something else does know how to do that.

That something is MY God.

And I’ll tell you why I believe this. Because everyday, everywhere I look, I see the simple things that I can’t help but marvel at. I see fathers walking down the street holding their little boys hand (and the little boy is looking up at him with a smile). A scene like that touches me. It makes me feel something.

I drive past a field in Giron, south of Cuenca, and see cows leaning into the lush green hillside as they eat. And the beauty of that scene is something that I can’t ignore. It makes me feel something.

Just yesterday, the look on three of our dogs that were barking at us in our car until we rolled the windows down, moved me. They actually all smiled at us, real smiles.  [Codie thinks they were embarrassed, I think they were just thinking, “He has bones in the car for us.”]. It made me feel something.

An amazing scent from one of our roses, the smell of a barbecue, the rain coming after we’ve had too much dryness, the glorious beams of light we see in our Yunguilla sunsets. All of these things make me feel something.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense to you, but it does to me. I believe that we evolved to become feeling beings, because that was what God wanted. Because I feel something, I believe in God.

We’ve become something that I find amazing every day. And we live in a world I find amazing everyday. I can’t see all of this as having no relationship. I can’t see it all as accidents. Someone or something wanted all of this to happen.

I know that what I am saying here will face a lot of rebuttal online. I know some people will tell me that I should believe in God because the Bible says he exists. I know some people will say that there is no God, and that it’s irrational to think there is.

But for me, I don’t need a book written by men to tell me that God exists, and I don’t need to debate the idea of God with someone who hasn’t realized the amazingness of the everyday things around us.

Because I feel something. Every moment of every day.

I’m just sayin.’

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