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Miércoles, 27/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Ciclo de cine (Film series) – The Club del Cine “Catarsis” will screen “La infancia de Iván” (The childhood of Ivan) by Andrei Tarkovsky Thurs. a las 19:00 in CIDAP. The series is of first films by recognized directors. Free.

Teatro – “Amor de Don Perlimplín con Belia en su jardín” will be staged el vienes a las 21:45 in La Guarida Centro Cultural (La Mar y Luis Pauta). <What is with that 21:45? Are they serious? Here in Ecuador? Maybe people line up and this just lets them open the doors earlier.>

Fotografía – “Fotoreportajeando la ciudad” (Photo-reporting the city) will be el sábado y domingo in the lobby of the CCE. Fabiola Cedillo will teach how to capture images of “lo cotidiano” (everyday things). Go to or 098 723 4849 for more info. <This site has contributors who could teach that class.>

Articles about –

Art and technology – A workshop on Art and new media started at the Quinta Bolívar.

Double feature – Causaklapas staged two works hoy in the Teatro Sucre. The work was a fusion of “Pasillando me enamoré” y “El Amante.”

Concierto – “Dos mujeres un canto” (Two women one song) will feature Mónica Mendieta and Karen Kennedy. <Their pictures are in the paper.> The concert will be el viernes a las 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre.

Escenarios del Mundo – “Trans-figuración” will be staged hoy a las 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. This work grew out of a PhD project about form and structure and something I can’t untangle other than it seems to involve dance, music, painting, photography and audiovisuals. <Would that also describe “The Lion King”? It’s all in how you put it together.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Jóvenes juramentan la bandera (Young people swear to flag) – There were ceremonies conducted by the 3d year high school students and the naming of the honor guards at many schools.

Tree reprieved – A 100 year old cypress growing on 3 de Noviembre next to the Puente Roto was inspected by EMAC which determined there was no reason to “talar” (cut down – your word for the day) the tree. 2 citizens had asked the tree be cut down. <In the photo, the trunk’s diameter is the width of the sidewalk.> The Mashiyura (“Amigos de los árboles – Friends of trees) Collective opposed cutting down the tree and collected signatures. <Cuenca seems to have its own “tree-huggers.”>

IESS Hospital – Members of IESS suffering from tumors in the pancreas can opt for Whipple surgery at the IESS hospital. Surgeons go in through the stomach and remove the head of the pancreas, the gallbladder, the bile duct, part of the stomach and the small intestine. <I bet the list of foods you’re permitted to eat after that is very, very short.>

Van service – The Azuay Chamber of Tourism will officially present a study on demand for interprovincial passenger transportation to support its request to legalize van service. The vans operate under tourism service permits which causes problems during controls. Interprovincial service is a monopoly of the buses leaving the Terminal Terrestre, and the bus companies are also offering van service.

Tourism – More than 1,000,000 Ecuadorians leave the country for tourism each year. This number has increased 150% since 2007, from 407,321 to 1,019,035 in 2016. Top destinations are the US (375,643), Perú (292,252), Colombia (114,664), and Spain (33,865). The largest group of travellers are age 30-39, with 21.9% travelling outside of the country.

Referendum – More than 200 questions have been submitted to be on the referendum. It’s hoped that the Consulta Popular will have no more than 10 questions. <Take you all day to read through more than 10.>

Coffee expo – “Ecuador con aroma y cultura de café” started hoy in the plazoleta de la UNE, and will run until viernes. There will be producers of different types of coffee in Ecuador and tastings. <If you’re my age, go early if you plan on sleeping that night.>

Feria – From 13-15/10 from 10-20:00, there will be the 3d Tourist, Crafts and Food Fair and the Primer Salón de Arte Amazónico at the Portal Artesanal (Huayna Cápac y Simón Bolívar) arranged by COMAGA (Consorcio de Minicipios Amazónicas y Galápagos) <Nothing to do with the MAGA s**t up north.> There will be groups from Orellana, Aguarico, Archidona, Tena, Cascales, Gonzalo Pizarro, Lago Agrio, Arajuno, Sucua and Saraguro performing. <I think if they have those palm tree gusanos, I’ll be ready to try one. If I do, I’ll need to bring a photographer.>

Deportes –

10K – The first running of the “Reto para ti, honor para nosotros” (Challenge for you, honor for us) 10k race will be el domingo a las 8:00 starting from the parque El Recreo next to the Cerebral Palsy Institute of Azuay (1 de Mayo y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal). Register at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río and the glorieta at Parque Calderón until viernes, and at the EMOV office on the vía a Misicata el sábado when you can also get the race kits from 9-18:00. There’s a special class for the disabled and seniors. <Expect it to cost something.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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