Tram cars kept operational, Award-winning student ideas, Alleged cattle rustlers caught, Violent deaths cause concern

Jun 28, 2019 | 4 comments

Jueves, 27/6/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Teatro – “Sola,” performed by Ana Campoverde will be hoy y mañana a las 20:00 in the sala Alfonso Carrasco. Cost: $5.00.

Literary events – Leonardo Valencia presented his book, “La Escalera Bramante” today and María Auxiliadora Balladares will be part of the “Cabaret Literario Guayaquil” mañana a las 20:00 in the Pálier Café Libro. The “cabaret” is a format of poetry recitals accompanied by music.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Alumnos sorprenden con sus propuestas (Students’ surprising proposals) – 20 projects were part of the first Feria Nacional de Proyectos Escolares which was held in Cuenca for the 1st time. 50 students between 12-15 years old from all over the country <It’s easier to do a national project when the nation is the size of a medium sized US state.> brought 20 projects. These included products to care for the environment, food without the use of chemicals, and robot prototypes. Azuay Province’s project was to start a car using a cell phone in which a fingerprint sensor was installed. The demo car was a 1980 Datsun pick up. The phone could also activate the lights and turn signals. <That would be dangerous – I could be calling to order a pizza and wind up sending the car to the pizza place without me.>

Technicians service tram cars at rail yard..

Planta de reciclaje – EMAC and the U. of Cuenca are joining to implement a recycling plant with adequate conditions for the process. It will be at the collection center of the Recicladores El Chorro in the Pichacay sector, close to the landfill. It is one of 30 recyclables collection centers. Some of the parameters for a recycling plant are that it be covered with adequate ventilation. There should be a receiving area, an area to “dump” the material which will be taken to the people who separate the material. Equipment should include scales to weigh plastic and cardboard for sale, and a compactor for cardboard which increases it’s value, and a baler. There also needs to be equipment to lift and move the material (tecle and montacarga). The problem is that the citizens do not sort their garbage, and recycling awareness is lacking.

New substations – Empresa Eléctrica Regional Centro Sur (EERCS) will start construction on 2 new electrical substations at the end of the year. The first will be #17 on calle Los Cerezos in the Virgen del Milagro sector in San Sebastián parish, and will serve the NW part of the city. Substation #13 will be in the Ecoparque Industrial in the Chaullayacu sector of Tarqui parish to serve the industrial park and surrounding sectors.

New foundation – The Fundación de Reumatología y Clínica de Autoinmunes (Funcrea – Rheumatology Foundation and Autoimmune Clinic) was founded to serve patients with arthritis, lupus, gout and other complex autoimmune diseases. The foundation will give informative talks and have a network of people who will share their experiences. One of the objectives of the foundation is to get these diseases declared as catastrophic since patients need constant treatment and medication. The foundation also has occupational therapy with cooking and painting workshops every 15 days in their location in the Casa del Migrante (Luis Cordero 5-43 entre Honorato Vásquez y Juan Jaramillo). Get more information at 099 196 0948.

Meetings on safety – There have been 2 meetings called on safety issues. One was called today by the Governor of Azuay <this is a different office from the Prefecture>. The second will be el 19/7 a las 10:00 in the Salón de la Ciudad and was called by the Concejo Cantonal de Cuenca. From enero to junio of 2018, there were 22 violent deaths. In the same period this year, there were 13, 3 of which were in street brawls involving drunk people. <Not a surprising result when you mix alcohol, testosterone, and aggression.>

Tranvía – The executive body of the Tranvía project reported that the 14 trains are receiving preventive maintenance at the Patio Taller. They are also testing to make sure that the system stays in operating order. <At least no one is letting the whole system just moulder away until it’s totally useless.>

Abigeato (cattle rustling – your word for the day) <Just in case you have a cow and it gets stolen and you need to tell the cops.> – Police detained 2 alleged cattle rustlers on Las Américas while they were transporting the 2 cows. One of the youth detained has been involved in other similar crimes in different sectors of the city.
A few days ago, an enraged crowd in the Llatcón community in Nulti parish burned a pick-up in which another set of cuatreros (rustlers – now you have two words that you can use – or you can just forget one of them> was transporting 5 lambs. The rustlers fled. <Hopefully the lambs were unloaded before the truck was torched.>

Hoof and mouth disease – The Agencia de Regulación y Control Fito Sanitario y Zoosanitario (Agrocalidad – Agency for Regulation and Control of Animal Health and Zoosanitary) started it’s 2019 livestock vaccinations which will extend until 11/8. The whole country with the exception of the Galapagos will be covered. The last outbreak of fiebre aftosa (Hoof and mouth disease) was in 8/11. The cost of the vaccines, needles and personnel is subsidized and costs the ranchers $1.60.

And that´s all for today so Hasta la Semana Próxima –


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