Tram construction finishes at midnight

Nov 1, 2018

Cuenca tram project manager, French consortium ACTN, says it is on schedule to complete its construction work at midnight tonight. Construction was originally scheduled to be finished Oct 13 but the city granted ACTN an additional 18 days due to circumstances beyond its control.

Tram station on Av. Las Americas.

According to project director Jaime Guzmán, construction problems in Milchichig, near the industrial park, were resolved and work has been completed. “We are pleased at the efforts ACTN made to overcome obstacles and conclude the project,” he said. “A retaining wall and the final section of track were successfully installed and problems at the Milchichig bridge were solved.”

Guzmán said technical system contractor CITA is taking over project responsibility. “You will see work continuing in some areas of town but this is related to the electromechanical systems of the tramway, particularly in the historic district and on Av. España. This work will continue until the end of the year.”

According to Guzmán, the number of tests of the system will intensify in coming weeks. “You will see the tram moving over the entire length of track as we test various systems. Most tests will conducted at night but there will some daytime tests as well.”

In addition to tests of the rolling-stock, work continues on computer system installation, development of safety programs, the erection of signage and station set-up. “We are also continuing planning for the integration of the tram with the bus system,” Guzmán. “Ultimately, this will make the tram successful.”

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