Tram mgt. company recommends delay in service start, 13 phone thieves arrested, Top campaign proposals by Cuenca mayor candidates

Mar 3, 2019

Sábado, 2/3/2019 – Bonus election issue

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Titular – El servicio tranviario se pospondría por seguridad (Tram service should be postponed for safety) – The first evaluation by Metro Ternerife which is in charge of pre-operation and operation of the Tranvía, reports that drivers and pedestrians are not ready for the system to open next a week. In the first case, cars are parking on the rails and in the second, people are crossing the tracks wherever they want. This is happening all along the route but especially at the Feria Libre and the Centro Historico. Cars on the tracks are causing the 30 minute trip from Control Sur to Milchichig to take 50 min. The tram system itself is functioning properly and operators are performing well. It’s us, the citizens who are unprepared. <I haven’t seen anything about what the different signal lights mean and if drivers are supposed to stop on green lights to look for the train, or if the train automatically turns the street lights to red before it passes.>

Cell phone thieves did a bumper business Thursday night at Parque Calderon.

Cell phone thieves – 13 people from Quito and Riobamba have been arrested for robbing people of their cellphones during the Jueves de Compadres celebrations around Parque Calderón and the Centro Histórico. The method is to shoot their victims in the eyes or mouth with carioca. <Hard to pay attention to your phone when your eyes or mouth are full of foam.> If you were a victim, go to the Policía Judicial to identify the phone and then to the Fiscalía between Bolívar and Borrero to prove it’s your phone.

Voto 2019 –

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Following are the proposals by the 13 mayoral candidates as given to the media and as filed with the CNE. The CNE can use these statements to evaluate the candidates up to recalling them.

Juan Campoverde – PSP (3)
1. Ambiente (Environment) – Close the Rio Blanco mine in Victoria del Portete and the Loma Larga mine in Chaucha y Molleturo because of the risks of contaminating water sources.
2. Movilidad (Mobility) – EMOV should give training and not sanctions. The Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador should administer roads. The Revisión Técnica Vehicular (annual vehicle inspections) should be done in tallers (shops – private?).
3. Planificación (Planning) – Relocate the zona de tolerancia (red light zone). Contruct a new mercado, stadium and terminal terrestre. Implement studies for relocating the airport.
4. Seguridad (Security) – Transform the Guardia Ciudadana de Cuenca into Policía Municipal for security 24/7. Operatives <agents?> would use EMOV vehicles.

Pedro Palacios – Azuay el Futuro que Soñamos (4-20)
1. Support a plan of environmental management to protect natural resources of water, air, earth, flora and fauna. Develop new green belts and promote active recycling.
2. Deconcentrate services and equipment (facilities) to reduce the number of long distance trips. Improve both urban and interparroquial transportation systems.
3. Study of the feasibility of a new airport. Identify locations for 2 terminal terrestres. Create 4 markets with influences in the parishes and that generate axes of development.
4. No specific actions in terms of security, but raises the need for inclusionary policies to generate opportunities.

Gustavo Jara – Fuerza Compromiso Social (5)
1. An ordinance to implement reverse mining, both of metallic and non-metallic minerals, for a circular economy. Increase green areas, promote recycling, and prohibit plastic bags.
2. Promote bicycle transport and use of public bikes and active bike routes. Modernize buses and the networks of roads that connect urban destinations according to the city plan.
3. Design an urban plan that considers factors such as security, mobility, employment and housing and that projects a city with the ability to plan and recover from adverse urban factors.
4. A project of citizen security that complements the Sistema Integrado de Seguridad (SIS) ECU911 and motivates the citizenry to appropriate public spaces to promote a peaceful coexistence.

Jaime Rodas – Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante (7)
1. Preparation of an ordinance the regulates the control, maintenance, and garbage in the parks.
2. Preparation of a plan to maintain roadways.
3. Preparation of a planning ordinance aimed at controlling the development of the canton, in which a plan of land use for the entire jurisdiction is formulated.
4. His work plan does not does not contemplate actions against insecurity.

César Piedra – Partido Avanza (8)
1. His work plan is to guarantee environmental sustainability and ensure that agricultural products are suitable for human consumption.
2. Projects for public transport would be integrated into the mobility plan, not only in the urban area, but also with rural parishes in an integrated systems model.
3. Improve cantonal roadways, expedite access to water service, promote the use of the buildings in the Historic Center for housing, and boost social interest housing.
4. Revise ordinances related to the performance of citizens’ security to define the areas of action, work hours, and more attributions.

Norma Illares – Libertad es Pueblo (9)
1. Campaigns to protect green areas, enlarging linear parks, reforesting in the páramos and areas of water sources, a program to create urban kitchen gardens, no mining in protected areas.
2. Integrate the public transportation system, redesign bus routes, increase hours of bus service, redesign and improve bike paths and construct bridges and over/ underpasses.
3. Create a frame of reference that articulates the different axes of citizen participation with the main latent needs in the canton.
4. Reinforce and train the Guardia Ciudadana de Cuenca (GCC), programs to prevent drug use, improvement of lighting in public spaces, better control in “zonas rojas” (red light zones?).

Lauro López – Justicia con Conciencia Ciudadana (11-61)
1. Promote sustainable development in the canton and rural parishes to guarantee the realization of “buen vivir” (good living) through public policies to preserve rivers and natural resources.
2. Execute a mobility plan and improve signage on the urban roads. Increase the percentage of local roads and improve public transportaion services.
3. Promote equal and integral access by the public to basic services, heritage, and facilities. Achieve quality public spaces and a sustainable human settlements model.
4. Promote human development of the population. Identify problems such as violence against women, violence in schools, drug use by adolescents, and sex crimes.

Brandon Tenesaca – Unión Ecuatoriana (19)
1. Improve waste collection and implement awareness campaigns in this area in schools. Guarantee delivery of potable water.
2. Through an agreement with parishes and communities, create a network of bike paths to boost walking and biking which will help increase tourism.
3. Promote an ordinance that allows correction of the planimetric surveys made by the Subsecretaria de Tierras, with which the city can do land planning.
4. Promote and neighborhhood and parish organization which would allow improvement of socio-cultural, sports, and coexistence links. Create anti-drug programs in coordination with the Ministerio del Interior.

Marcelo Cabrera – Igualdad-CREO (82-21)
1. Form new areas of protection, care of water. Promote projects that contribute to energy efficiency and boost the increase in the useful life of the Pichacay landfill.
2. Constant improvement of public transport and integration of other transport systems. Awareness of inclusive transport, intermodal transport, and impetus for public bicycles.
3. Promote a sustainable polycentric model of human settlements, through the densification of its centers, the optimization of accessibility and the use of non-motorized and public transport modes.
4. Reduction of accident rates by strengthening safety and road safety education; joining of the CSC with the National Police and promote a security observatory.

Paúl Carrasco – Juntos por el Futuro (33-62)
1. Regulate the manufacture, sale, and use of single use plastics. Control separation of garbage at the point of origen. Protection of water sources with a focus on the watershed.
2. Design of a comprehensive mobility plan with an emphasis on solving mobility at critical points. Motivate use of public transport (getting passengers on the Tranvía Cuatro Ríos).
3. Elaboration of a land plan and strategic map that must be structured by axes or strategic components to define public policies and plans resulting in concrete projects.
4. Increase the number of the Guardia Ciudadana from 274 to 600 for their strategic presence in problem zones. Training and professionalization.

Tarquino Orellana – Concertación (51)
1. His work plan does not include concrete actions in the area of the environment.
2. His plan does not include plans, projects or programs for mobility, but he recognizes that it is one of the main problems that needs to be addressed by the authorities.
3. The mandatory updating of the Plan for Development and Territorial Ordering (PDOT) and the effective finalization of the Urban Plan of Cuenca as a mandatory and immediate action.
4. His plan does not include plans, projects or programs for security, but he recognizes that it is one of the main problems that needs to be addressed by the authorities.

Jaime Astudillo – Contigo (104) 
1. Without ambiguity and with energy, promote the protection of cantonal territory as a subject with rights and guarantees, unrestrictedly controlling both metal and non-metal mining concessions.
2. Convert the Tranvía Cuatro Ríos to an effective and popular mass transit system with the necessary security at an acceptable cost. Construct a public bicycle system.
3. For the beginning of his term, an evaluation of existing urban and cantonal plan and specifically the PDOT will be done.
4. He has a plan called Una Ciudad Segura (A Safe City) where responsibility will be shared with other institutions. No specific actions were given.

Jefferson Pérez – Renace (107) 
1. Reduce use of single use plastics and develop alternative ways to replace their intensive use. Improveof waste management processes and the recycling program.
2. Ensure that the Cuatro Ríos Tram is part of a comprehensive transportation system and that it is the main line with the largest number of trips. Boost public bicycles.
3. Promote the city as a center for a balanced urban and territorial development; in this aspect, Cuenca is a point for concern in how it looks at rural areas. Articulate projects to improve this relationship.
4. Creation of the secretary of security, risk management, and social coexistence to better coordinate all the initiatives that will be carried out in the security area.

<Do you know how hard it was for me to refrain from making snarky comments about some of these proposals? I’ve got strong doubts that I’ve articulated these campaign promises correctly.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta la próxima semana –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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