Tram stations won’t change, Colombian airline will begin Cuenca service, Plastics banned in Galapagos

May 22, 2018

Tram stations will not change

The Cuenca municipal council rejected a request on Monday to change the location of 14 tram stations. The changes were proposed by the Commission for Urban and Rural Roads, which said stations relocation would benefit local neighborhoods and increase ridership along the 22 kilometer route. The majority of council members maintained that the planning process is too far advanced to make design changes. Station locations were determined in the 2012 master transportation plan before tram construction began. Tram construction is scheduled to be completed in October with service to the public beginning March 2019.

Colombian airline to begin Cuenca service in 2019

Following meetings with Carlos Jácome, director of Mariscal La Mar Airport, Viva Air Colombia announced it will begin service to Cuenca in 2019. The budget airline said that details of its flight plans remain to be worked out but it is considering cross-border flights to Peru and Colombia. In Colombia, Viva Air serves Bogota, Medellin, San Andres and Cartagena with international connections to Miami, Lima and Panama City.

Foreign minister requests leave to campaign for UN job

Ecuador Minister of Foreign Affairs María Fernanda Espinosa has requested an official leave of absence to campaign for the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly. Espinosa is competing with a candidate from Honduras, Mary Elizabeth Flores, for the UN post and said she needs to devote her full time to the effort if she is to be successful. Some members of the Ecuador’s General Assembly are opposing Espinosa’s candidacy, claiming that Ecuador made an agreement in 2015 to support UN Flores for the position.

Nonreuseable plastic banned in the Galapagos

Proclaiming itself a “culture without plastic,” the governing council of the Galapagos islands has banned single-use plastic cups, bottles, bags and and other containers. The council says the move is necessary to protect the unique environment of the islands. The ban goes into effect today. Most bars, restaurants and stores have already discontinued the use of plastic products.

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