Tram track installation begins

Oct 22, 2014

Tram track installation begins on Av. Las Americas

Workers have begun to lay track for Cuenca’s new light rail system several weeks ahead of schedule, according to project managers.

The track is being installed at the southwest end of the tram line, on Av. Las Americas.

According to Gerard Fernandez, Director of Transportation, the work will not disrupt traffic flow, although the flow is already slowed by partial lane closures. He said that drying conditions, following last week’s heavy rains, are making the work easier.

Fernandez says track installation will proceed north on Av. Las Americas and will begin soon on other parts of the tram route, including Calles Gran Colombia and La Mar in the historic district, and Av. España.

The French consortium GME-CITA is responsible for managing track installation. The tracks and sleepers were manufactured by the French company Alstom.