Two men convicted in murder of U.S. expat

Feb 6, 2019

Judges from the Azuay Court of Justice have convicted and sentenced two men for the 2017 La Paz murder of U.S. citizen David Senechalle.

Bullet holes in a window of the Senechalle home following the 2017 murder.

The murderers, identified by the court as José Abdon C. and Julio Cesar J., were sentenced to 34 years and eight months imprisonment. They were also ordered to pay $399,000 reparation to Senechalle’s wife and children.

A third suspect in the murder, Diego Alejandro M., is still at large.

The April 14, 2017 murder occurred when the three convicts broke into Senechalle’s home in the Shimpali sector of La Paz, 40 miles south of Cuenca. Senechalle, who was armed with a 45-caliber pistol, fired at the intruders but was killed in return fire. Senechalle’s wife and maid hid in a bathroom and were unhurt during the crime.

Following the shooting, the convicts took cash, credit cards, jewelry and other personal items from the home.

Police say that a cell phone left behind by one of the suspects led to the arrests.

According to court testimony, Senechalle, 76, and his wife had moved into their home only a year before the murder. They had relocated to Cuenca from Southeast Asia in 2014 and owned several properties in the area.

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