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U.S. aid agency will reopen offices in Quito

The United States Agency for International Development (Usaid) will reestablish its headquarters in Quito following a five-year absence. The agency, which had operated in Ecuador for decades, was expelled in 2014 by former president Rafael Correa.

Former president Rafael Correa

John Barsa, U.S. deputy for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, said Friday that he had reached an agreement with Ecuador’s ministry of foreign affairs to resume operations with a signing of a letter of understanding. “We are entering a new era of bilateral cooperation between Ecuador and the U.S. and look forward to resuming projects that satisfy the mutual interests of our countries,” he said. “We applaud Ecuador’s recent democratic reforms, especially its commitment to restore the rights of to civil society.”

Correa said his decision to end cooperation with Usaid was based on the agency’s alleged interference in Ecuadorian affairs. “Although it claims to promote projects that benefit our people, the agency has actually served as an espionage branch of the U.S. government and has influenced previous governments to do its bidding,” he said in 2013.

The expulsion of Usaid was part of Correa’s battle with several non-governmental agencies (NGOs) that he claimed had “motives contrary to the interests of the government and people of Ecuador.”

Barsa said Usaid would reopen its Quito office in 2020, beginning with a small staff. “Our first activities will involve assisting Ecuador to provide for the large influx of Venezuelan refugees,” he said.

Augusto Saa, Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, said he looks forward to a “new era of cooperation” with the U.S. government through Usaid projects. “Of course, we will monitor these projects closely to make certain they correspond to the needs of our people.”

39 thoughts on “U.S. aid agency will reopen offices in Quito

  1. Trump should not try to buy Greenland from Danmark (a decent country) but instead Ecuador as it seem to be a bargain on the international property market.

  2. Oh and it begins again…the only reason the US is the least bit interested in Ecuador is because of the oil interests. Think about there are so many countries that desperately need aid and don’t get it- why because they don’t have oil. No oil no aid!

    1. That, but mostly to establish a toe-hold in South America from which the largest teerorist country in the world – the USA – can infiltrate South American countries for purpose of instigating violence and overthrowing countries whose governments don’t kowtow to the ruthless USA.

    2. Wonder why Russia and China are so interested in South America? I suppose their motives are humanitarian as opposed to the USA’s motives. yeah, right….. :/

      1. How many democracies have Russia and China overthrown in South America?

        For the record, the US has overthrown at least one democracy and installed at least one dictator in every country on the continent with the exception of the the Dutch territory of Curacao.

        Tell me again about motives.

      2. China and Russia are busy preventing democracy.

        With all the pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong we are all wondering when China will start harming , tear gassing or killing the protesters like they did in Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. Troops with assault rifles & tanks fired at the demonstrators. Thousands died and thousand we’re wounded.
        Remember that Facebook and Twitter are forbidden in mainland China but not in Hong Kong.

        Then there is Russia poisoning opposition figures with nerve agents and anyone that interferes with Putin’s stronghold. US has imposed another round of sanctions on Russia over the poisoning. So now the anti US people will not understand that sanctions are necessary to stop a killer.

        1. What’s your take on all the pro-democracy demonstrators killed in the UAE by US tanks? How do you feel about the military dictatorship in Egypt that overthrew their first democratically elected president with US weapons and immediately received funding from the US?

          1. Thanks for being educated on the subject. And sharing with those who have the rose colored USAisanangel glasses on. If anyone hasnt seen the USA govt for what it is, shame on you. But EC is in the crosshairs; one you take that Big $$ you are bought~ the borrower is always a slave to the lender. Correa was correct about this one thing!

        1. You are always asking for proof so I thought you might have something substantial in your anti US arsenal.

          So are we to assume your accusations are merely your point of view with absolutely no evidence or substantiation and are a symptom of your extreme hatred for the US

          1. I’m also always asking for logic, something you apparently cannot grasp. One basic tenet of logic is that there is no such thing as proof of a future event. I’ve provided you with ample examples of objective data of past events and your only explanation for them is that they were planted by Russian hackers. The fact that you pick and choose which comments to reply to is PROOF that you see all these comments. The fact that you ignore direct questions posed to you is PROOF that your worldview is based on nothing but childish propaganda that you cannot justify. You’re a fanatic, plain and simple. Everyone who reads your comments recognizes that. I only tell you here in case you were still under the false impression that anyone takes you seriously.

            And for the record, I’m a veteran of the US Marine Corps Infantry. You can call me “anti-US” all you want, but until you’ve strapped on a pair of boots and carried a rifle for your country, your slogans are meaningless. You sound like a radio announcer in the Soviet Union, constantly parroting slogans with no basis in reality. You are morally incapable of recognizing the shortcomings of your glorious nation and seeking improvement. You just repeat the same nonsense over and over in the belief that everyone is as uninformed as you are.

            What you don’t realize is that people like you have been the laughing stock of democracy since the 1950s. The problem with you is that you do not understand the basic premise of liberty that everyone who has served their country understands; “DISSENT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM.” Those aren’t my words, they were first spoken by Thomas Jefferson. Your complete lack of any critical dissent of the many crimes committed in the name of The Republic makes you the most unpatriotic person I’ve ever crossed paths with. Everything you espouse is at odds with the principles on which the nation was founded. The Founding Fathers wrote volumes condemning people like you. You’re part of the problem, one of the many reasons why so many terrible things happened and continue to happen. You should be ashamed of yourself, but like Trump you’re incapable of feeling shame and like Trump, you’ve never read a book.

            I wonder if you can even process any of that. I wonder if the mods will even let it through.

            1. Jason, these are people who believe that a nationwide plague of mass slaughters can be stopped by deeper background checks (in a country where there are already more guns than people). The Republicans are right about one thing. The number of guns has nothing to do with the slaughters. It is the culture. Even if the guns were removed, it would only foster a cottage industry in bombs.

            2. Abusing and degrading me is the main reason people do not comment because the last thing they need is someone going beserk and demeaning them. You have all the makings and characteristics of a bully. That is your problem and not mine. I pity your family and friends since, like you said, you carry a rifle

              1. Just like Trump. Someone points out that your statements are factually incorrect, your logical fallacies are blatant and that your persistence in perpetuating such nonsense is destructive and immediately you play the victim.

        1. You are NOT seriously advocating that the China political situation (communism) is a better option and more palatable and a higher standard than the democratic countries (like US, Canada, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom) that have freedom, democracy and have governments that allow its people to come and go as they please and have NO media restrictions like Facebook Twitter. Seriously, if you think that the communist countries are so much better then go live there and experience the suppression that occurs. Go have atter

          1. Where did he advocate anything? We’re not talking about how people live in the US or in China. We’re talking about Latin America, a place where the US has been the biggest violator of human rights and a constant threat to democracy for over a century.

              1. The first wave of colonizers always consists of missionaries, be they Catholic or Protestant. They provide vital intelligence on the situation on the ground and convert a core of true believers who become collaborators once the invasion begins. It takes a lot of useful idiots to subvert entire nations. Nobody does it by force alone.

  3. So now all the anti US people will be up in arms and all the pro democracy people will be glad.

    With the US in Ecuador hopefully they can prevent the drug lords from getting any stronger. These drug gangs are spilling over into so many countries now it is getting harder and harder to prevent them.

    1. Drugs lords in Ecuador? Esmeralda, should we look at a list of “drugs” made in Ecuador, and they incidence of their usage. Then lets take a look at where the present plague in the US find its killer drugs. You must learn to think factually..not merely repeating what you have been told to believe.

      1. My lord, the CIA runs itself on drugrunning! Its hard to try an educate nonresearchers readers, weened on msm pablum! Save your breath!

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