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U.S. State Department official visits Quito to discuss bilateral agreements with Ecuador

U.S. Under Secretary of State David Hale arrives in Quito Wednesday to discuss the bilateral relationship between Ecuador and the U.S.

David Hale

Hale will meet with President Lenin Moreno and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Valencia and launch the new bilateral political dialogue that President Moreno and Vice President Pence agreed to during Pence’s visit to Quito in June 2018, according to a State Department press release.

The talks will focus on areas of mutual interest, including democracy, transparency, security, regional issues and migration, the release says.

While in Ecuador, the under secretary will signed bilateral agreements to promote security, education and the protection of cultural property, the release added.

Moreno has said that Ecuador is taking in around 6,000 Venezuelan migrants daily as they flee their crisis-hit country.

Ecuador is among the states that have recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president and recognized his diplomatic representative in the country. However, the Venezuelan embassy in Quito is still led by the diplomats appointed by the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The department said that Hale will also meet with university students to reinforce cultural and educational cooperation between the U.S. and Ecuador.

Venezuela has been plunged into severe unrest since January this year, after US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself “interim president.” Maduro accuses the United States of trying to orchestrate a coup in order to install Guaido as its puppet and take over Venezuela’s natural resources.

15 thoughts on “U.S. State Department official visits Quito to discuss bilateral agreements with Ecuador

  1. Deals are what Trump does for his personal gains against the interests of all of us – no thanks …. cheers!

    1. “……security, education and the protection of cultural property”. And you think that Trump is focused on such minutia? …..or, were you just capitalizing on an opportunity to take a mindless and totally irrelevant swipe at Trump? You guys should really give it a break already.

  2. and they used to call what was going on in Viet Nam the domino effect. Looks like the dominoes are falling one after the other here and South America.

    1. doesn’t sound like you are that proud to be from the US or are you a proud south american ? all people in south america are americans too. I couldn’t see the relevance in your comment to this article ?

      1. Denis, I am very proud to be from the USA and I am proud to be living in South America.
        The domino effect is what the politicians used to say was happening and was the justification for the Viet Nam war. They said the commies were taking each country one by one like dominoes falling and it was eventually going to take over the world if it wasn’t stopped. Now that has been explained, the USA has slowly been ramping up in Ecuador with the current administration. The USA has done the same in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and is attempting to facilitate an all out coup in Venezuela. More and more agencies are here and coming here, kind of like the domino effect, one by one falling into place to take over Ecuador.

  3. Before a deal can be struck by the US Moreno must nominate Mr Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize!!

  4. White House Threatened to Economically Cripple Ecuador for Promoting Breastfeeding. That was just a few months ago folks!!

  5. Dehumanizing Latino communities has been Trump’s calling card since the
    first minutes of his presidential campaign, when he called immigrants
    from Mexico criminals and “rapists.” Trump had been amping up this
    dehumanization over the past weeks, using the word “animals” in speeches
    and tweets to refer to people affiliated with MS-13, and just days ago,
    launching a White House web page that uses “animals” no less than 11 times to refer to them.

    1. Sounds like you would be happy if Trump would just start sending all the Gangs to Ecuador. I’m sure you would love to have those nice wonderful criminals there.

    2. Just because you don’t care for the guy, doesn’t give you license to misquote, mis-characterize, and lift out of context, what he actually said. By doing so, all you guys do is emphasize your desperation to keep your narrative alive. The resolution to your vulnerability on these points would be to produce links to the actual text or video… in the cases that you take liberties above, the “confirming” texts and videos actually contradict your claims….. (as does the video on Tucker Carlson’s monologue, to which you referred elsewhere)

  6. The easiest way to explain the U.S. Latino community’s
    understanding of President Donald Trump is the Spanish-language proverb,
    “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres” (“Tell me who you walk
    with, and I’ll tell you who you are”).

    For most U.S. Latinos, when candidate Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015
    by calling Mexican migrants rapists, we knew that Trump was walking
    with those Americans who feared that the country was getting “too
    brown,” too quickly for their personal comfort.

  7. How would you gringos like it if when you came to Ecuador we put you in cages, separate you from your children and deny you healthcare!! That would be just peachy right!!

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