Uncertainty remains about holiday status; Colombian border reopens; Turi prisoners sing Christmas carols; Ecuadorian, foreign films featured in festival

Dec 17, 2021 | 4 comments

Jueves, 16/12/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Teatralizan última obra escrita por Cárdenas (Theatricalization of Cárdenas’ the last play) – There will be 3 performances of “Las Manuelas,” the last work that Eliézar Cárdenas wrote for the theater, in the Teatro Sucre. The first two performances will be el domingo a las 18:00 and a las 19:30. The 3d will be el próximo lunes al las 19:30. Tickets cost $7.00. The play is about Manuela Garaicoa, Manuela Cañizares, Manuela Sáenz, and Manuela Espejo. The women do not speak as Manuelas, but as women involved in fight for independence at the side of Simón Bolívar. The production is sponsored by the Casa de la Cultura Núcleo del Azuay and directed by Eddy Castro.

Los EDOC regresan con seis películas (EDOCs return with six films) – After 8 years, Cuenca is again the site for the films of the Encuentros del Otro Cine (EDOC). The organizers have brought 4 Ecuadorian and 2 foreign films which started screening ayer. Two more were shown today and two more will be shown el 18/12 in the old Escuela Central. “Criszamver” by Eduardo Henríquez Mendoza will be shown at 19:00, and La primera puerta by Ecuadorian film makers Florencia Luna, Juan Manuel Crespo and Matteo Rubbettino will be shown at 20:30. There is no cost, but capacities will be limited.

Titular –

Máxima tensión en alto mando policial (High tension in police high command) – See article in Tuhursday’s CHL for full story.

Cuenca –

Cuenca vendors are unclear about the rules of  New Year’s Eve dummies? Can they be sold? Can they be burned?

Expectativa ante las restricciones locales (Expectation of local restrictions) – Businesses and organizations are waiting for official statements from the COE cantonal with respect to the restrictions annnounced by the national COE on Tuesday. Yesterday, the Cuenca police commander announced that the Pase del Niño has been cancelled since it had been approved by the December 14 deadline set by the COE. It is unknown if the burning monigotes will be allowed.

César Banegas, president of the Amistad Club which organizes the Concurso de Años Viejos, is waiting for the final decisions from the local level given that some participants have been preparing for several months. Alternatives if the monigotes can’t be burnt, are that they be disassembled, or that the contest be conducted virtually. <Zoom fires – easier for the average person who could watch all of the monigotes go up in flames on their computers instead of trying to drive all over town.> The uncertainty also applies to the Día de Los Inocentes which is celebrated every 6/1 with the Comparsas y Mascaradas in Cuenca even though the restrictions only apply until el 3/1. Banegas said there should be an announcement specifically about the Comparsas.

Preocupación (Concern) – Ana Muñoz, a member of the Asociación de 31 de Diciembre, which is dedicated to the sales of “años viejos” shared her worry about the restrictions by the national COE since it only prohibits burning monigotes in public spaces, but doesn’t prohibit their sales. <Can you see the wheels turning with typical Ecuadorian creativity? 2021 monigotes will be back yard, terrace and patio models that come with fireproof bases and stands. It’ll be up to the purchaser to provide adequate spacing between the dummies and outdoor furniture.> She is worried that sales will go down after she spent money and time making the dummies. <I could get a little one and burn it in the BBQ which has a chimney. No problem and no calls to the bomberos.>

Dan mantenimiento vial en el sector de la Feria Libre (Road maintenance in the Feria Libre sector) – 4 city crews of 15 worked overnight on el martes to patch calle Ecuardo Arias. The crews removed the deteriorated paving and placed new asphalt. The 4,000 merchants in the mercado asked for the repairs to the completely deteriorated road surface. There was also work done on calle Carlos Vintimilla and Av Carlos Arízaga Toral in the same sector.

Presentan proyecto de implantes óseos personalizados (Customized bone implants project presented) – A project with mechanical engineering researchers from the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS) and medical specialists from SOLCA and the Hospital del Río was introduced at a press conference. Together, they designed, tested, fabricated, and implanted customized protheses in 4 patients. The initiative started when research into the design of bone implants for surgical use became more popular. But it was accompanied by high costs of design and manufacturing which put it out of reach of countries with relatively low GNPs. <Back to the Ecuadorian entrepreneurial spirit and a 3D printer.>

Internos de Turi graban disco de villancicos (Turi inmates record a Christmas carol album) – A group of prisoners in the Cento de Rehabilitación Social (CRS) in Turi formed the Vientos de Libertad musical group and recorded a CD of Christmas carols sung in Spanish and Quechua. They also made their own traditional instruments over the last 10 months including guitars, flutes, quenas, pallas, zampoñas, bombos, charangos, pingullos, antaras, rondadores and maracas. You can buy the CDs at the Arquidiócesis de Cuenca and at the CRS de Turi. The money raised will go to open a music school in the prison. One of the promoters of this initiative is inmate Jorge Aguirre Calle, a professional artist and music professor who said that music helps us to be more human and can change the state of mind not only of the musician but his companions. It has the magic to give hope. <So there’s more in the prisons than gangs and massacres.>

Nacional –

Aperatura diplomática en frontera (Diplomatic opening at the border) – The border betwen Ecuador and Colombia at the Rumichaca bridge was opened ayer after being closed for 20 months due to the pandemic. Currently, only circulation of heavy transport will be allowed between the hours of 8-17:00 for the next 30 days. After that, there will be an evaluation with regard to the control of Covid cases, and if the analysis is positive, the San Miguel passage will be opened for pedestrians for commerce. This phase would last 15 days. The 3d phase would open the border to private cars with restrictions planned on a daily basis. The last phase would be a return to prepandemic normality. For compliance with biosecurity protocols, Ecuador and Colombia have entered into a pilot plan for Transporte Internacional de Mercancías por Carretera (International Transportation of Freight by Roady).

Descuentos y compras –

Motricentro da un giro importante a su imagen corporativa (Motricentro makes an important change to its corporate image) – new 100% electric Kia EV6 introduced today at the dealership on 10 de Agosto y Av. Solano – 2 models: EV6 GT 2WD, 168KW (225 hp), 0-100 km/h. in 7.3 sec, 528 km range and EV6 GT 4WD with 239 KW (320 hp), 605 NM torque, 0-100 km. in 5.2 sec, 506 km. range. <I wonder how much they cost?>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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