University of Cuenca achieves highest ranking ever, Retirement age won’t change, ETAPA has new mobile app, Cultural Day

Apr 17, 2019

Martes, 16/4/2019

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Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Día del Patrimlonio – 18/4 is the Día Nacional del Patrimonio Cultural, Monumentos y Lugares de Interés Histórico y Artístico en el Ecuador (National Day of Cultural Heritage, Monuments and Places of Historical and Artistic Interest in Ecuador) <By the time you said all that, the day would be over.> INPC (National Institute of Cultural Heritage) is organizing various activities.
Miércoles – 9:30 – Casa de las Palomas – Archeology for children.
11:00 – La Chichería restaurant (av. Solano 11-83) – Cine forum on
heritage foods.

The statue of mother and children in Parque de la Madre.

18/4 – 10:30 – Casa de la Cultura – open house.
15:00 – Casa de las Palomas – Round table discussion on the role of INPC
in the South.
<You say you think you’ll pass on all of that?>

Ceramics gallery – Fabián Álvarez is opening his ceramics gallery in a few days at Sucre y Miguel Vélez in the San Sebastián area.

Otras cosas –

Titular – No aumentarán la edad de jubilación ( No increase in retirement age) – Paúl Granda, President of the IESS Board of Directors, made it clear that the retirement age of 65 will not increase. <Remember Granda? He was the mayor who started this whole Tranvía saga.> He spoke before a group of staff, union and social organizations, retirees, and Chamber representatives.

Cyber Attacks – There was a massive attack on public institutions’ information systems on the day Assange left the embassy. There were 40 million “intentos a intromisión” (attempts to interfere). <If someone both bilingual and tech savvy were to translate that properly, I’d appreciate it.> I’m guessing there’s a technical term in English I don’t know.> This raised Ecuador’s rating for these kind of hacking from 51 to 31. Normally there are 20 million attacks. The attacks came from the US, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Rumania, France, Austria, the UK, and Ecuador. <What? No Russians?> The institutions most affected were the Presidency, Secretary of State, Banco Central, SRI, Judicial Council, CNT, municipalities and the Ministries of the Interior, Telecommunications, Tourism and Environment. <Bring that sucker back – extradite him to Ecuador. He can have the cell next to Jorge Glas.>
The worst damage was to the web pages of the cities of Maná and Sucúa where the information was replaced with an image of Assange. <I wonder how many people just reacted to that and had to wipe spit off their screens?> The penalty for cyber attacks against public services or safety is 5-7 years in jail.

U. of Cuenca – The U. of Cuenca reached #147 in Latin America in the QS World University Rankings. This rankings service evaluates about 3,000 Latin American universities and considers almost 9,000 in the whole world. It ranks the top 400. The U. of Cuenca ranks 108 in Latin America and 2nd in Ecuador behind the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.

Oversight report on Tranvía – The Oversight Committee for the Contracting and Execution of the Tranvía will present their report miércoles a las 9:00 in the parque Calderón.

Terminal Terrestre – New areas for interprovincial and intercantonal ticket sales were installed today.

ETAPA App – “MI ETAPA MOVIL” is a free app that will let you do business on line. Go to ETAPA’s web page.

Tranvía accident <One of these days these are going to get so common that I’ll stop translating them.> – A pickup collided with the train yesterday at av de Las Américas y Nicolás de Rocha, near Control Sur. The truck made an illegal turn even with signage. The tram suffered scratches. This is the 2nd accident at this intersection.

And that’s all for today so ? –


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