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Venezuelans continue to arrive, Tram work progresses slowly, Thieves rob four El Centro businesses, Maduro makes secret gold sale

Miércoles, 19/6/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Don Giovanni – The opera by Mozart will premier in Ecuador with performances in Cuenca hoy, el viernes, y sábado a las 20:00 in the teatro Casa de la Cultura. Cost: $15, $20 & $30.00.

Teatro – Juana Guarderas will play “Abrilita Romero,” the Cuencana character in “Las Marujas” with her comic monologue, “No quiero morir virgen” (I don´t want to die a virgin). It will be hoy a las 20:00 <somewhere unspecified – it sounds like it would be a good show if you understood Spanish. See what you’re missing by bailing on classes?>

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro displays piles of spray painted gold.

Teatro – “Érimi” is a work composed of 6 sketches and will be performed hoy y mañana a las 20:00 in the sala Alfonso Carrasco in the CCE.

Danza – There will be a dance recital with Wilson Pico, one of the “greats” in Ecuadorian contemporary dance. Tickets are available mañana y el viernes in the Prohibido Centro Cultural (calle peatonal La Condamine 12-102). Cost: $7 & $5.00. <No other information – you should ask when you go buy your ticket. Or have your facilitator ask when they go buy your ticket.>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Heavy metal – The Spanish band, Avalanch, will be in Cuenca el viernes, 28/6 a las 14:30 at the Barraca Bar to greet their fans. The band will perform el viernes a las 19:00 in La Carreta in Gualaceo as part of their “El secreto” tour. Opening bands include Biblian Rock Ensamble, Tribus y Lignum Crucis. Ticket sales started yesterday and can be bought at the Barraca Bar or by calling 099 566 5486 for home delivery. Cost: $30.00 with no additional cost for the delivery service. There will be buses leaving from the Parque de la Madre a las 18:00 to go to Gualaceo. <Nice of them to provide a designated driver.>´

Otras cosas –

Titular – Más venezolanos en Ecuador (More Venezuelans in Ecuador) – The Ecuadorian government is looking to have a more orderly and safe form of migration for Venezuelans coming to Ecuador. It hasn’t discarded the idea of asking for humanitarian visas as Perú has done since el sábado anterior. 350,000 Venezuelans are now living in Ecuador and 120,000 have their documents in order. According to the UN, the number of Venezuelans in the country will reach 500,000. 18,000 have applied for international protection — asylum.

Due to the flow of migrants since 1/6, when Perú imposed visa requirements, the Ecuadorian government doubled the budget for health services at the border which now costs $3.5 million. According to the Ministerio de Salud, 35,000 Venezuelans entered by the Rumichaca international bridge and 23,600 received medical attention including vaccinations and exam. International Refugees’ Day is mañana. <I’m afraid the US will probably observe it by causing the deaths of a couple of more immigrant kids in concentration camps or teargassing more refugees.> A representative of the UN High Commission for Refugees said that Ecuador is the country in Latin America and the Caribbean most known by refugees and is a leader in the level of education it gives. <We gringos should be as grateful as all getout for having received the warm welcome we got and return the favor by learning Spanish.>

Robbery – 4 stores at Padre Aguirre y Simón Bolívar near the Flower Market were robbed early yesterday morning. The robbers broke in through the ceiling and took $1,000 in cash and $5,000 in merchandise, in addition to causing damage to the ceiling and cutting electrical and security wiring. The merchants said that the area is deserted due to the closure of Padre Aguirre to vehicular traffic, and are asking for more police protection. <Be careful walking around in the area at night – just my own opinion. Especially if you feel compelled to flash an expensive camera, jewelry, or designer handbag.> Three suspected burglars were arrested Wednesday morning after being identified from security camera images.

Advertising on sidewalks – Current ordinances prohibit painting, drawing or writing advertising directly on walls and windows, or hanging it from walls without supports designed to hold it. You can’t hang flags over the public way, nor can you put advertising easels, sawhorses, tables or tires on the sidewalks or in public spaces. Joint poles are also off limits. You can put sawhorses in planting spaces along the main streets in urban zones.

Tranvía – They’re working on it gradually. Still left to be done are the collection and commercial systems, issues with the contractors, licenses for the train operators, and identifying signal lights that can be turned off to save electricity without damaging the system’s configuration.

San Francisco Plaza – Merchants are now complaining that they are being charged too much rent compared with other markets. A merchant’s association representative said that in the rush to get the plaza opened, they didn’t have time to read the contract they signed, and they don’t have a copy of the contract. <Since when is not reading a contract an excuse for not observing its terms?> The plastic that the merchants hung for shading has been removed. <Seems like those vendors like the old, funky, 3d world atmosphere of the previous market. Me, too.>

Abortion – A campaign to raise consciousness about abortion and to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape uses virtual reality glasses which will be used to show stories of rape victims to Assembly members. The intent is to give a face to the victims and raise awareness of the issue beyond mere statistics. According to official data. 17,448 children under 14 gave birth between 2009 & 2016. The stories include those of kids raped by their own fathers, stepfathers and employers and then forced to continue with their pregnancies and give birth.

Internacional –

Venezuela – According to the Wall Street Journal, Nicolás Maduro secretly sold 7.4 tons of gold for $300 million in March to bypass US imposed sanctions. The gold, part of Venezuelas’s reserves, was brought from South Africa to Uganda in a Russian plane. <The rest of the article was too convoluted for me to figure out and involved the disappearance of one shipment, gold which was shipped to Turkey, inflated values for food purchased in Turkey and Mexico with gold, and money laundering.>

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

20 thoughts on “Venezuelans continue to arrive, Tram work progresses slowly, Thieves rob four El Centro businesses, Maduro makes secret gold sale

  1. The San Francisco plaza – I also used to enjoy the old, funky, 3rd world atmosphere. Passing through the plaza under the shade of tin roofs, smelling wool and leather, smiling and saluding the vendors was better than the sterile conditions that exist now. “Progress”, don’t you just love it!

    1. the new plaza is the ugliest thing that you could possibly spend money to create … if you aren’t going to improve something then just keep your money in your pocket.

  2. The plaza vendors are getting annoying, now they say they did not read the contract give me a break. Tired of their whining, the plaza is what it is, the location is premier, make the best of it or move to that other cheaper location you mentioned. Whether you like it or not, there will be no dramatic change.

    The name of the heavy metal joint in Cuenca is La Barraca, Jeanie I will meet you there for some good heavy rock

  3. On another note, can someone at CHL explain why we do not get notifications when subscribing to a thread ? This is the norm for most DISQUS posting but not here, or I am doing something wrong maybe ?

  4. Jeanne-
    I’m sorry but I couldn’t pass this little blurb that you threw in without saying something:

    “International Refugees’ Day is mañana. -I’m afraid the US will probably observe it by causing the deaths of a couple of more immigrant kids in concentration camps or teargassing more refugees.”

    You are implying that the US government is/will deliberately murder children and teargas ‘refugees’ for their pleasure. That is just unfair and shows your political bias. Usually, I enjoy your column but it seems that lately there are more little jabs against the Big Bad US cropping up in your pieces. I am not a fervent supporter of the current administration or a fan of the current President at all, but I am grateful for the life that the US provided for me for the 57 years I have been around. I lived in Ecuador as a child , and plan to live there again when I retire, but not because I think the US is some sort of evil empire. It is not. The US certainly has it’s share of problems but it is a great nation and the still the best in the world overall(obviously, my opinion). I love Ecuador, and have a great family there in Cuenca, but the US will always be my home. I don’t like that atrocities are being thrown around as if they were the norm and are done as a matter of policy. They are not.

    1. Well said….I posted something similar but I guess was not approved. Thank you for giving the other side.

    2. This is good to hear; someone that appreciates the life that the US provided them. This a nice change from the US bashers that are not grateful for the freedom they have and the opportunity to make good money and live a good life. I can hear it now, YES there are some on minimum wage that are struggling but everyone in the US has an OPPORTUNITY (is the key word here) to advance if they are resourceful, work hard, take the initiative to advance and also in some cases become entrepreneurial.

      And then there are the US bashers that have not lived there and didnt get a chance to meet the generous, likeable people in the US. There are not very many countries that allow immigrants to come in and bring their beliefs and let them live a peaceful life and not fearing that they will be harmed just because of their belief system. Not very many countries allow their citizens to knock down their own leaders and government without consequences and fear of being hunted down and harmed.

    3. Steve, glad you noticed. Thank you for commenting. The gringo world here, can be a strange environment….that’s one reason I hibernate in this lovely country!! Hope you “come home. Soon!

  5. I thought this wasn’t supposed to
    be political. Why the nasty comment:
    International Refugees’ Day is mañana.
    First they didn’t cause the deaths of any immigrant kids….lie #1. These are illegal people trying to access the United States. There are no “concentration camps” which was lie #2. This same thing was done under Obama but the left never said a word then. When you get hundreds of thousands storming the border it’s not right and should be detained. How do you suggest it be handled? And tear gassing refugees …yes they were tear gassed but they were throwing rocks at agents. Look at the photos. Your bias is showing. Please stop!

    1. There are no illegals, only people seeking refuge from violence in their countries. Ecuador respects human rights and is a PEACEFUL country unlike the US, intent on bombing the ancient world into oblivion. Most of the violence Latins are escaping is caused by US drug use and by overthrowing democratically elected presidents like in Honduras. It is a human rights abuse and illegal to separate children from their mothers which the US does routinely causing stress with sometimes tragic consequences. Ecuador accepts more refugees per capita than the ‘rich’ US and gives them health care, food and helps them find homes. What does the US do? They bomb the poor and cause the refugee crisis in Africa, and the Middle East which is causing a crisis in Europe. The US recently sentenced a humanitarian man to prison for ten years for the crime of giving water to people dying of thirst. The US is definitely not the best country in the world. Far from it. Do you see homeless by the thousands in Ecuador as you do on every street in America? Ecuadorians live in their hearts and the US lives in their egocentric heads. I never post but this Trish is just another ugly American here who can translate her own paper. Go for it Jeanne!!

      1. You are so typical of the left. “The US recently sentenced a humanitarian man to prison for ten years for the crime of giving food and water to people dying of thirst”. So not true. (Mr Warren faces three felony counts for allegedly transporting, harbouring and hiding the men in a case likely to set a precedent over what aid US citizens can give to illegal border-crossers. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on all counts.). NOT FOR GIVING SOME POOR INNOCENT REFUGEE WATER. It was for harboring illegals not for giving water. Also stated…”Do you see homeless by the thousands by the thousands in Ecuador as you do on EVERY STREET in America?” First of all there are 330,000,000 people in the US….about 25 – 30 million illegal. How many on the streets are illegals. Let’s see Ecuador deal with that many illegals. Many are sneaking across into the states illegally, some are criminals, drug dealers, MS 13 members, murders. NOT EVERY STREET. The majority of the problem lies in “sanctuary cities” run by democrats in cities like Los Angeles. They are allowing druggies, homeless and illegals live in tents, spreading disease and filth throughout certain areas. The illegals that do come into the country legally are to show up for a court date…about 85% do not. The ones that don’t show up or report should never be given amnesty if and when they give it. Please stop overstating the situation. If you would like to have a decent conversation I’d be glad to oblige.

      2. Typical Marxist who hides behind faux compassion, empathy, and inclusivity. Just when Ecuadorians are recovering from their last recession, they now have to compete with Venezuelans for jobs, and of course, it will be the lowest income Ecuadorians who will suffer the most.

        Ecuadorians no more live in their hearts than most other people. Obviously, you have not been to Guayaquil, just a few blocks from the Malecon. Watch how many homeless, when it is getting dark, begin to bring out their cardboard mats and sleep on the sidewalks. This has been going on long before the Venezuelans became an issue.

        Ecuadorians still have a relatively strong family unit, which is almost extinct in the U.S., especially among Black Americans. The extended family prevents the degree of homelessness found in the U.S. The left and their push for the Sexual Revolution considerably undermined the family structure in the U.S.

        Eighty percent of the homeless in the U.S are alcoholics, drug addicts, and the smaller percentage are mentally unstable. You lefties with your “sex, drugs, and rock & roll”, turned the country on to drugs and turned it into the hell-hole that much of the U.S. is today.

        We watch your strategy to flood Europe and the U.S.A. with illegals, overrun the system, play the faux compassion card, and bring in so many people of other cultures in such large numbers, who have little if any education. Outcome: it destroys the middle classes, destroys the native culture, and opens the world for a One World Government. The majority of illegals entering Europe and the U.S have been economic refugees just wanting to improve their living standards, not because they are political refugees faced with persecution.

        You accuse Trish of being an “Ugly American”. You, Linda, are not even an American. No matter what your claimed citizenship.

    2. The democrat party is now full blown communist.

      They have made it clear they believe in open borders, which means no borders. They despise the sovereignty of the United States, and want their One World Government.

      They despise the U.S. Constitution as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, and every other kind of phobic document they can fabricate, written by a bunch of slave traders and slave owners.

      They conceal themselves behind faux compassion, inclusivity, and empathy to execute their destruction of the U.S. They know the U.S. is all that now stands between them and their ambitions for their New World Order, which is why they despise Trump with such a passion. Only he stood between them and the Obama-Clinton cartel of delivering America to its globalist enemies.

      1. “They despise the U.S. Constitution as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, and every other kind of phobic….”

        There is one phobia the lefties never mention, the Christianophobia. Most of them prefer “peaceful” muslims and hate Christians.

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