Veteran Cuenca mountain climber is lost in the Cajas, Tram makes up for lost time

Aug 8, 2018

Veteran climber is lost in the Cajas

Teams of rescue workers set out at daybreak this morning in the search for veteran mountain climber and hiker Wilson Serrano Vega. Serrano, who is hiking solo, made cell phone calls Sunday night and Monday morning reporting that he was off the trail and unsure of his location. He is believed to be near the Miguir-Molleturo crater at an elevation of about 4,300 meters, or 14,000 feet.

Wilson Serrano

Serrano’s family say he took food only for a one-day hike and did not have proper clothing for overnight temperatures that can drop to minus 10 degrees celsius, or 14 degrees Fahrenheit in the higher elevations of the Cajas.

Tram construction makes up lost time

According to Jaime Guzmán, city tram project director, the work on Cuenca’s tranvia is progressing at a fevered pitch, making up for a slow start by the French contractor ACTN. Three weeks ago, a technical advisory team from the United Nations reported that the project was “significantly” behind schedule. “We have progressed to 67 percent of work completion on all fronts,” says Guzmán. “We are at the 77 percent point for elapsed time in the 300-day completion schedule and we are making up the remaining time.”

Currently, Guzmán says, construction is concentrated in the Milchichig sector, where 146 workers are assigned, and at the central rail yard on Av. Mexico, with 100 workers.

The contract date for project completion is October 13.

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